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Differentiate your business and improve how you engage with customers, partners and employees by using a solution from Software AG.

Solutions for Manufacturers

Business Need Software AG Solution
Enterprise Quality Management Based on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, Enterprise Quality Management combines digital transformation management, risk and compliance management as well as performance management in a single solution. You can identify risk and inefficiencies with end-to-end insight. You can model, test and implement changes quickly to improve operational efficiencies and outcomes while reducing costs and risks.

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Intelligent Supply Chain Management Bolster your global supply chain visibility with our Supply Chain Risk Management solution, built on the Digital Business Platform. You can model and understand the risks associated with a given supply chain commitment—and manage those risks. You can even use real-time big data and real-time analytics to respond—automatically—if events occur to push supply chain risks past the point of acceptability.

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IoT Predictive Maintenance Maintain the highest equipment availability while decreasing current costs. Software AG’s solution for predictive maintenance leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) by continuously analyzing real-time equipment sensor data via machine monitoring to understand when maintenance will be required.

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Smart Logistics Smart logistics on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform combines real-time analysis of vendors, suppliers, environmental sensors, traffic, telematics, geopolitical risk and more for a logistics management solution. Count on our solution to deliver increased delivery predictability and quality while reducing your cost and risk.

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Supply Chain Visibility Visibility into your business processes can help you optimize your supply chain like never before. Gain the integration, visibility, control and agility you need to run a superlative supply chain with Software AG. Using our solution, you can automatically connect critical upstream and downstream processes, seamlessly pulling data from disparate silos and showing how each distinct part affects your overall business.

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