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Solutions for the Oil & Gas

Business Need Software AG Solution
Agile Processes for Oil & Gas Refine your oil and gas business processes with insight and operational intelligence gained from our Agile Processes solution. You can discover, model and assess all the processes supporting your operations. Then use analytics to see which processes are working well—or not—to re-engineer and refine processes to achieve the desired profitability.

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Cash Flow Risk Management Internal processes that govern financial risks in receivables asset creation play a key role in mitigating financing, working capital and cash-flow risks. With a solution from Software AG, you can efficiently manage policy implementation and controls with real-time/right-time insight into the performance of the receivables process. The solution provides a standard and repeatable framework for managing receivables business activities and event data.

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Tight Oil & Gas Fluids Supply Management Gain real-time insights into the status of fluid supply and demand via dashboards, analytics and automated alarms. You can streamline and optimize water acquisition, delivery and payments integrating with external suppliers and internal supply chain management solutions.

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