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Solutions for Utilities

Business Need Software AG Solution
Distributed Generation Monitoring Software AG’s Distributed Generation Monitoring solution enables you to monitor and manage the flow of power—in real time—throughout your infrastructure to ensure the uninterrupted, safe delivery of power to consumers.

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Energy Theft Detection Energy theft is on the rise—and it costs the industry billions year after year. Identify and prevent energy theft with a solution from Software AG. You can monitor all of your data streams through automation. By integrating these streams in a way that allows real-time comparison and benchmarking, you can identify fraud sooner, protecting your infrastructure as well as your revenue.

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Meter-to-Cash Increase customer satisfaction and reduce billing error rates. Software AG’s Meter-to-Cash Process Intelligence solution provides utilities providers insight into the performance of each step and transfer point in the process—even in complex heterogeneous environments.

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Smarter Metering Lower integration platform costs and achieve greater business process effectiveness, better ROI in your digital investments and faster evolution of the smart grid. Built on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, the Energy Analytics Bus (EAB) provides a smart communications conduit that can integrate all your IT and operational technology assets and connect each ecosystem element.

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