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Logo Startup ProgramYou have a great idea and the vision to build the next killer app? 

You are smart, fast, innovative and determined to become a rock star of the startup community?

Make a jump start together with Software AG and get it right, from the start! There are secrets and key factors to keep in mind to secure your success. 
You need more than just a brilliant idea, you need a reliable partner who will guide you on your way. Software AG put together the Fast Startup Program to help you get where you want to be. We will help you get there faster. 

Process of the Startup Program, starts with a free trial - please contact us


Read our fact sheet and find out why you should partner with Software AG and why freeware isn’t everything. 

Find more information on the Fast Startup Program here.


See what Software AG has to offer, how to start, how to proceed and how to succeed with your idea! 

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