Logimethods with Bank of Montreal:

Enabling Resilience for Business Continuity

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm · October 15, 2014

More and more, enterprises must support non-stop systems and “always-on” services and comply with rigorous SLAs. Transient errors have a high cost and recovery time also impacts on current business and the operating costs incurred by IT Department support. In the digital era, the office of the CIO cannot afford downtime or service disruptions. This session features a case study presenting a pragmatic approach to address Visibility, Resilience and Recovery in a Mission Critical System at Bank of Montreal.

Angela Sim,
Managing Director and Lead Technology Officer, Bank of Montreal

Bob Seney,
VP Business Solutions and CTO, Logimethods

Waldes Machado,
Director of Service Delivery, Logimethods