Commonwealth Edison (ComEd):

Let ARIS Take You On a Journey

3:45 pm – 4:30 pm · October 14, 2014

At ComEd, "customer journeys" represent customer life cycles. Using ARIS, ComEd has designed future–state business processes to align with each customer journey—for example, starting at "welcome" and continuing to "bill and pay." This approach enables the business owner of each journey to go into ARIS to easily see end–to–end business processes and associated sub–processes. If changes are needed for a specific journey, the business owner uses ARIS to access, review and edit areas of a business process. It's an approach that works for both business and IT. Learn more about it in this session and also see how ComEd uses ARIS 9.6.

Sarah Herrera,
Senior Business Analyst, ComEd