Software AG:

IT Budget Meeting Tomorrow? Ask Alfabet Today

3:45 pm - 4:30 pm · October 15, 2014

Under budget constraints and continuous business demands, IT must determine which investments and cost reductions best serve the business. Often the IT investment board has to rely on insufficient data, makeshift analyses and corporate politics—not ideal for making decisions with confidence. Alfabet helps track IT costs and investment plans and relate them to business strategy and capabilities. It tells you where IT budget is spent and whether IT investment is directed to projects that support the business. Join our “VP of IT Finance” in an entertaining skit as he tries to prepare cost and budgeting reports for a CIO meeting and realizes his spreadsheets and ERP systems don't have the answers. But help is just a phone call away…

In the role of the VP IT Finance: Markus Linsin,
Principal Architect, Software AG

In the role of the VP Enterprise Architecture: Daniel Haack,
Principal Architect, Software AG