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Product Overview

Software AG's Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management Platform provides a collaborative platform for all stakeholders in IT, business and finance to understand their current IT landscape and plan for the future.


Better understand how effectively and efficiently IT supports business goals and where Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) processes can be improved. Against the backdrop of corporate governance, the Alfabet EAM Platform delivers the transparency and facilities needed to achieve targeted business outcomes.

How it works

What You Can Do with the Platform


  • Get an accurate, real-time picture of the EA landscape, including all applications, the technologies they run on and the business processes they support
  • Ensure consistency and transparency of your EA landscape by using an integrated repository for business and IT
  • Profit from a rich set of functionality and resources including frameworks, such as ArchiMate® and TOGAF®, reference content (Industry.PerformanceREADY) and proven methodologies for designing, analyzing, managing, planning and monitoring the EA landscape


  • Address immediate and urgent concerns, such as reducing costs, eliminating redundancies, improving purchasing, and managing licenses and upgrades
  • Envision your future IT infrastructure and chart a course to achieve it
  • Create road maps with clear priorities, milestones and measures


  • Synchronize business and IT initiatives to ensure that IT delivers what business really demands
  • Leverage IT to transform go-to-market execution for products and services
  • Put business objectives at the heart of IT strategy
  • Understand the impact of strategic and tactical business decisions to the IT landscape early on

Key Benefits

  • Ensure business results
    Align IT structures with business objectives and processes to ensure that IT transformation goes hand-in-hand with the transformation of business.
  • Improve agility and flexibility
    Transform your IT into a responsive and flexible construct to increase business productivity. Respond quickly and flexibly to new business challenges and meet business demands.
  • Increase the quality of IT projects
    Deliver IT projects delivered on time, within budget and in line with business and IT strategy.
  • Optimize IT costs
    Identify cost drivers to reduce operational expense. Keep track of IT investments to assure business growth.
  • Improve compliance and control
    Increase project control with a holistic approach to governance. Enforce compliance controls effectively. Improve governance via defined responsibilities and auditable processes.
  • Innovate faster
    Increase transparency into the IT landscape to accelerate IT’s ability to innovate for the business.

    *ArchiMate and TOGAF are registered trademarks of The Open Group.

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