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Product Overview

Software AG's Apama Analytics & Decisions is a market-leading platform for streaming analytics and intelligent automated action on fast-moving big data.


Take control of big data in motion with the Apama Analytics and Decision Platform.

The Apama platform allows businesses to analyze and act on high-volume business operations and customer interactions in real-time. Apama rapidly correlates, aggregates and detects patterns across large volumes of fast-moving data from multiple sources, so you can take the right action at the right time.

Apama enables organizations to rapidly deploy and evolve scalable real-time solutions in information intensive, time-critical industries, such as capital markets, banking, telecommunications and supply chain.

How it works

What You Can Do with the Platform


  • Correlate streaming data from multiple sources and formats across information silos
  • Put real-time data in context and analyze current events relative to historical norms
  • Continuously analyze data to optimize operations, mitigate risk and seize revenue opportunities in real-time


  • Visualize data in real-time with business-user focused dashboards
  • Be alerted proactively to unusual behaviors or events
  • Automate intelligent action at the right-time based upon continuous analytics


  • Leverage a development platform to rapidly build and evolve differentiating applications
  • Accelerate time-to-value with business solutions such as customer experience management and risk & compliance monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Gain context as the basis for intelligent action
    Detect the business impact of your rapidly changing data—as it’s changing. Connect historical and current data for intelligent action based on what’s happened, what is happening and what’s about to happen. Identify opportunities and threats “on the fly” and respond at the right time.
  • High performance and extreme scalability
    Assure microsecond response times remain consistent even as data volumes grow. Apama’s use of LLVM to compile highly optimized machine code means it can execute complex operations faster than C or Java®.
  • Rapidly evolve critical solutions
    A hybrid buy-and-build approach accelerates time-to-value. Rich out-of-the-box capabilities and an extensive range of adapters speed up deployment. Apama’s open platform and development tooling enables rapid evolution of applications. With Apama, you can avoid building application and infrastructure services from scratch—and focus on building differentiating intellectual property.

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