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Solutions Overview

Differentiate your business and improve how you engage with customers, partners and employees by using a solution from Software AG.

Solutions for Financial Services

Business Need Software AG Solution
Fraud Detection Today’s financial institutions need a real-time automated system to detect fraud across multiple channels and millions of transactions a day. Enter Software AG’s solution for fraud detection. Forward-thinking financial institutions use it to identify unusual patterns and fraudulent activity by combining real-time transactional data and historical analysis of customer behavior.

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FX E-commerce In today’s markets, firms need to manage market fragmentation, fierce competition, low margins and the need for bespoke services. They need to bring liquidity management, risk management, and pricing and execution into a single end-to-end FX e-commerce platform. You can do just that with a solution based on market-leading Apama technology.

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Market Surveillance & Monitoring In today’s markets, financial firms need to quickly detect and respond to abusive and erroneous trading. Take on this challenge with a solution—right out of the box—based on proven Apama technology. The solution combines real-time and historical data to detect market abuse, manipulation, money laundering, rogue trading and rogue algorithms across asset classes and markets.

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