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SOA Adoption for Dummies

Miko Matsumura

Miko Matsumura

Miko Matsumura is Vice President and Deputy CTO at Software AG. He was the founding chair of the SOA Adoption Blueprints Technical Committee at Oasis and is the organizer of the SOA Link Interoperability Initiative. Miko regularly speaks throughout the world on SOA issues as well as blogs at

Prior to the acquisition of Infravio, Inc. by webMethods, Miko served as Vice President of Marketing and Technology Standards at Infravio, where he led marketing operations and strategic planning. Miko emerged as an industry thought leader at The Middleware Company, where he was a co-creator responsible for building the partner program for SOA Blueprints, the first complete vendor-neutral specification of an SOA application set, supported by BEA, Borland, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Veritas and others.

At Systinet, Miko worked with the executive team and offshore development center on product development, product strategy and outbound marketing, including representing the company at industry events. At Sun Microsystems, Miko held the position of Chief Java Evangelist, where he was a visible spokesperson for Java technologies and worked closely with Java ISVs and licensees to further the developer community.

Miko holds a MS in Neuroscience from Yale University and an MBA from San Francisco State University.

Bjoern BrauelBjoern Brauel

Bjoern Brauel is Vice President and Deputy CTO at Software AG. He speaks on Software AG’s SOA strategy at conferences and trade shows as well as customer events and seminars worldwide. Bjoern also works with customers, communities and analysts to drive technology trends, enable customer visions and understand future IT needs. Bjoern has a strong technology background, having working in R&D, pre-sales and also marketing and product strategy. He is well known in the industry as a speaker who is able to translate technology messages to a business audience while remaining precise and honest. For the past five years, Bjoern has focused mainly on SOA, Business Process Management (BPM) and integration technologies around XML and Web services. Prior to joining Software AG, he had worked in the open source community for more than 10 years.

Jignesh Shah

Jignesh Shah
Jignesh Shah is Vice President of SOA Product Management and Marketing at Software AG. He works closely with customers around the globe on deployment of their SOA initiatives. Prior to joining Software AG, Jignesh was a founding member of OpsPlanner, a SaaS emergency management solution. Prior to OpsPlanner, Jignesh was a Solutions Architect at BearingPoint. He led the design and implementation of several large IT solutions for Fortune 500 clients in industries that included high technology, consumer products, healthcare, industrial manufacturing and U.S. federal government services.