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Adabas & Natural Services

Get more from core apps.

Productivity Services


Maximize your investments. Increase the capabilities and performance of your Adabas and Natural applications by relying on our expert resources for the skills you need—when and where you need them. Optimize the productivity of your team, supported by our comprehensive experience that will save you time, money and headaches.

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Product Upgrade Services Upgrade to supported Software AG product versions faster and free your valuable DBA resources for other tasks. Supported by our comprehensive experience, installation or upgrade issues are resolved faster and on-site mentoring helps expand your DBAs’ knowledge base.
Adabas Administration Services Fill any skill, schedule or resource gaps with on-site or remote DBA assistance. You can focus your IT staff where it’s needed most while managing ongoing support requirements and resolving issues quickly. Our highly skilled, seasoned professionals can address both your short- and long-term needs to help you avoid issues, decrease downtimes, optimize application performance, reduce operation costs and improve planning capabilities.
Performance & Tuning Services Let us analyze the current state of your Adabas and Natural environments to maximize your product and performance capabilities, decrease CPU cycles and application run times, increase I/O efficiency and minimize the need for expensive hardware upgrades. Working directly with our Adabas and Natural experts, your DBAs and technicians can quickly augment their practical skills and knowledge.
Application Maintenance Services Assure your mission-critical applications that use Software AG technology continue to perform at the highest levels. We can maintain your applications directly from our data centers. Or, our experts can work onsite with your core staff to safeguard the dependable operation, accuracy and performance of your platforms and applications.
Premium Support Services Enjoy enhanced operational performance, stability and efficiency, as well as accelerated project delivery and faster issue resolution. Premium Support Services are tailored to meet your unique support needs and ensure an optimal service level.


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