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ARIS Services

Maximize your ARIS investments.

Services to customize ARIS for your business

Our expert implementation and integration services will help you quickly customize ARIS to your business needs. Using ARIS, we can help you perfect your processes to keep them—and your business—on target. Upgrading to the latest release of ARIS? Learn about our upgrade services.

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ARIS Process Information Publishing Processes are relevant to everyone. By integrating process information with your customized publishing solutions, we’ll ensure your processes are accessible to all your stakeholders.
ARIS Process Governance Customizations Upgrading your SAP system enables new processes, functionalities and technologies, and reduces costs associated with outdated SAP systems. Our upgrade services use a process-driven approach to rapidly analyze your existing SAP system, determine potential upgrade savings and identify those high-maintenance custom features which could be converted into standard processes. At the same time, we harmonize and standardize your business processes to create a solid foundation for future upgrades of SAP systems.
ARIS Customized Solutions Do you have special requirements for your ARIS environment? Do you want to see your processes in your corporate design/dorporate identity? We can help you by customizing the ARIS Business Publisher to your needs. Our service portfolio is focused on the ARIS Platform products since we do configuration and customizing for ARIS Business Publisher, ARIS IT Inventory and ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager as well as ARIS report script customizing to provide sophisticated process analysis reports and process manuals. With ARIS scripting we can also import data from external systems and data sources to your ARIS repository. Furthermore, data which still exists in your ARIS repository can be exported in common file and exchange formats to be processed by other external systems.
ARIS Installation Services Do you plan to start up with ARIS or do you plan to upgrade your existing ARIS environment? Our ARIS Installation Services team can help you. We analyze your existing IT environment and policies to prepare a suitable hardware configuration for your ARIS Platform installation or upgrade. Our service portfolio covers hardware sizing recommendations preparation for an installation, on-site support and installation tasks as well as comprehensive setup of documentation as well as the required ARIS data migration in case of an upgrade. Additionally, complex installation scenarios (e.g. clustered environments and load balancing) and extensive configuration tasks such as ARIS LDAP configuration can be supported.
Redocumentation of SAP Systems Save your valuable time documenting your SAP system. Our Performance.Ready - Redocumentation provides you with complete, automatically generated SAP system documentation in just 10 days. You can significantly accelerate the description of business processes and SAP usage and gain insight where to make improvements. We can help you: speed up your next SAP or process optimization project; save time in modeling as-is processes; check the quality of your current process documentation; and use your SAP system to its full potential.
Performance.Ready Performance.Ready offers predefined content, rules and proven methodology that is ready to use and efficiently supports any combination of sectors and business processes across more than 20 different industries. This packaged expertise helps you stay ahead of business demands even in a tough economic and digital environment.


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