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Product Overview

Software AG's Apama Analytics & Decisions is a market-leading platform for streaming analytics and intelligent automated action on fast-moving big data.


Take control of big data in motion with the Apama Streaming Analytics Platform.

The Apama platform allows businesses to analyze and act on high-volume business operations and customer interactions in real-time. Apama rapidly correlates, aggregates and detects patterns across large volumes of fast-moving data from multiple sources, so you can take the right action at the right time.

Apama Streaming Analytics is recognized as a leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms, Q3 2014.” It is the most technically complete and business-ready platform on the market today.


What You Can Do with the Platform


  • Design continuous real-time analytics scenarios using IT and business-analyst interfaces
  • Create end-user business dashboards for monitoring
  • Test on previously captured streams of data before deployment
  • Visualize key performance indicators; drill down into results


  • Low-latency, high-throughput connectivity to sources and destinations of streaming event data
  • Static data is cached for fast, in-memory access and event enrichment
  • Hundreds of adapters available


  • Aggregate, do temporal analysis, filter and correlate
  • Enrich streaming data with cached static data
  • Perform more in-depth quantitative analysis on data; access third-party analytics libraries
  • Trigger low-latency actions automatically without human input

Key Benefits

  • Increase operational visibility
    Gain a continual view of your processes. Monitor SLAs continually and predict when they may be breached. Correlate events from many sources, breaking down organizational silos. All in all, your organization can filter, aggregate, analyze and present on a continual, real-time basis.
  • Make instant decisions at scale
    Respond immediately to millions of customer interactions, identify and prevent fraud, stay in continual compliance with risk controls and regulations, maximize electronic trading opportunities, and analyze and act on Internet of Things (IoT) sensor streams.
  • Empower business and IT
    IT users can increase their efficiency by using the leading solution in its space rather than low-level coding. Business colleagues gain the autonomy to create and parameterize streaming analytics scenarios. The platform’s support of extreme scale and performance on commodity hardware enables more use cases with a lower TCO.

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