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Product Overview

Software AG’s webMethods AgileApps Platform is an amazingly easy, incredibly powerful agile applications platform. It’s a fast way to increase business productivity and deliver process-driven situational and case management applications that enable you to quickly respond to changing business and customer needs.


Deliver process-driven applications in weeks rather than months. Using the AgileApps Platform, subject matter experts can visually assembly powerful productivity applications with ready-to-run processes, flexible business rules, document assembly, drag-and-drop e-forms, customized reports, interactive dashboards and mobile access.

AgileApps Live

What You Can Do with the Platform


  • Virtually anyone can build or customize processes and apps
  • Reduce the cost and time to create custom apps
  • Respond faster to changing business requirements


  • Use real-time, role-specific dashboards and reports
  • Quickly search and access information
  • Develop customizable row or matrix reports with graphics
  • Schedule delivery of reports to teams in multiple formats


  • Works with all mobile, desktop and tablet devices
  • Integrate email and social channels
  • See all changes via activity streams for all team members

Key Benefits

  • Increase workplace agility
    Use AgileApps Cloud to build and deploy process-driven applications that engage constituents, including employees, customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Visually create business processes
    Streamline team-based activities and approval cycles by modeling and running business processes as a flow of automated and manual human-centric tasks.
  • Mobile anywhere access
    Automatically access your information and applications on various Web-enabled mobile devices with dashboards, views and forms optimized for mobile devices.
  • Automate business rules
    Use AgileApps Cloud’s business rules to automate common business activities to shorten response times and implement your best practices.
  • Create flexible forms and fields
    Visually create forms you need to capture a wide variety of data—from simple text fields to numeric values, to typical form elements like checkboxes and dropdown pick lists.
  • Communicate across channels
    Respond quickly to new requests, issues and questions from multiple channels, including email, Web and social.
  • Never miss an important deadline
    Meet performance goals and contractual service requirements that are critical to your business using SLAs and escalations.
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Standardize customer-facing messages to improve efficiency and ensure consistent messaging for common with pre-programmed responses to common questions.
  • Customize customer portals
    Deliver an integrated and branded portal experience to your customers. Increase customer self-service and engagement by enabling community support and knowledgebase access and also by providing case submissions and tracking.
  • Enhance business insight
    Insightful decision-making and information management is a snap using easy-to-configure views and reports that provide at-a-glance KPIs and give every user the information they need most.

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