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Differentiate your business and improve how you engage with customers, partners and employees by using a solution from Software AG.

Solutions for Telecommunications

Business Need Software AG Solution
Customer Journey Design Deliver a frictionless customer experience. Built on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, Customer Journey Design can help you visualize a customer journey and enrich that vision with an understanding of how well your channels, touchpoints and underlying business processes support that journey. You can implement an engagement strategy map that will drive the transformations—both technological and organizational—required of a digital telco.

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Omni-Channel Process Orchestration Connect, enable and streamline the customer experience across any channel. Omni-channel process orchestration facilitates digital transformation and the movement of information, services and goods among all the nodes in a telco service delivery environment. The solution streamlines the integration of business processes and facilitates the exchange of information among all customer-facing channels as well as all internal service delivery channels (including inventory management and intermediary systems).

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Real-Time Promotions Build on unique customer insights from your operational data. Use those insights to trigger real-time promotions. Engage customers at precisely the right time, via precisely the right channel. Our solution leverages insights from the customer data you already have and enhances it with data streaming in from all channels—including the Web, mobile and social media. By monitoring the streams of traffic flowing through your network, you can seize the opportunities as they occur in real time.

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