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Consolidated statement of cash flows

Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows for the three months ended March 31, 2009
(January 1 to March 31, 2009 and January 1 to March 31, 2008)
IFRS, unaudited

in € thousandsQ1|2009Q1|2008
Net income for the year25,64922,538
Income taxes12,16711,805
Net financial income-4061,469
Amortization/depreciation of non-current assets6,3495,774
Other non-cash income/expense1,3841,128
Operating cash flow before changes in working capital45,14342,714
Changes in inventories, receivables and other current assets25,315-5,115
Changes in payables and other liabilities73918,055
Income taxes paid-24,335-17,838
Interest paid-1,748-2,733
Interest received2,3471,164
Net cash from operating activities47,46136,247
Proceeds from sale of tangible/intangible assets26177
Purchase of tangible/intangible assets-3,997-2,388
Proceeds from the sale of financial assets568
Purchase of financial assets-556-33
Payment for acquisitions, net-4,571-38,356
Net cash used in investing activities-9,042-40,592
Proceeds from issue of share capital635657
Dividends paid00
Proceeds from financial liabilities00
Repayments of financial liabilities-848-10,156
Payments for hedging instruments0-675
Net cash provided by/ used in financing activities-213-10,174
Change in cash and cash equivalents from cash relevant transactions38,206-14,519
Adjustment from currency translation1,609-2,011
Net change in cash and cash equivalents39,815-16,530
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the period96,92581,294
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period136,74064,764