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For more information on Secure Data Transfer and the SDT Connector, please call Software AG on +44 (0)1344 403 800 and ask to speak to the Secure Data Transfer Team. More contact details


Enable Service Delivery

The Secure Data Transfer (SDT) service has been created by UK Government to facilitate secure and reliable electronic movement of data between public and private sector organisations.

Software AG SDT Connector

The SDT Connector works seamlessly with the SDT service to provide a simple and cost-effective method for assuring, automating and auditing data transfers.

Minimise Risk

Government Gateway SDT is backed by a CIO and CTO council exemplar and is accredited by CESG as being a secure and suitable method for the movement of data, up to impact level 3 (IL3) before encryption.

Reduce Costs

We calculate that SDT has the potential to eliminate significant costs for both public and private sector organisations - both in the costs of moving the information itself and in the staff costs involved in manual handling.