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Software AG Special Edition

Software AG's edition - SOA Adoption for Dummies

About the Authors

Also available in Japanese, German, Spanish and French

Discover the best way for your organization to adopt an SOA! SOA Adoption for Dummies makes your journey to SOA as easy as possible.

Written for people both new and familiar with SOA, the book tells in ‘plain English’ what’s important in an SOA adoption and how to stay focused on it!

Learn the project-oriented way to achieve your SOA vision. This is not an architecture book. Instead, SOA Adoption for Dummies provides concrete and practical methods you can use to turn your SOA plans into SOA reality.

The book covers how to:

  • Use SOA to solve business problems

  • Go from an SOA blueprint to SOA adoption

  • Set up policies to guide the growth and usage of your service portfolio

  • Deal with IT "tribal warfare" that impedes SOA

No time to read? Listen to our SOA Made Simple podcast series. Based on the book, the series features short podcasts on each chapter.


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"Software AG's SOA experts have made a timely contribution to SOA Adopters with this clearly-written guide. Their "SOA Rocket Science" is a pragmatic approach that clearly comes from the author's strong foundation in real-world SOA engagements."
Ronald Schmelzer, Managing Partner, ZapThink, LLC.


"The authors do a good job of laying out the fundamentals of SOA, and the book is loaded with helpful tips."
Joe McKendrick, SOA in Action Blog,ZDNet

"You can read this book on a plane ride, which is a good thing. Even better, you can learn some valuable best practices for SOA adoption."
Beth Gold-Bernstein, ebizQ

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