Process Performance Management

Creating visibility across your business operations

As a business seeks to improve its operations … it needs to understand the realities behind the numbers.
Process Performance Management lets you understand exactly how your processes execute.
The result is unprecedented insight into the realities of your business operations and the confidence to make vital improvements where they are really needed.

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Enabling actionable business intelligence

Process performance optimization as a foundation of intelligent business operations 

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Discover, analyze and monitor: the road to process improvement

Every organization has them – the one or two steps in a complex process that are not executed as expected and that prevent your company from constantly fast and efficient operations.
But how do you remove these process snails from your business operations?
For sure, you know your ideal process, but uncovering these laggards in practice means to track and analyze thousands or even millions of process executions. And that’s exactly what Process Performance Management does.
Find the bottlenecks, close the gaps with process performance monitoring.

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Process Performance Management

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Process Performance Management has helped hundreds of organizations across industries. The four examples on the right hand side are only some of the companies that benefitted from a continuous transparency into their processes’ execution.
Do you want to find out more about how you and your business can benefit from real insight into operational realities?
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Better Visibility Leads to Better Insight

Visibility and insight are the essential deliverables of the Software AG Process Performance Manager (PPM) solution. The software solution can provide you with a clear understanding of what your business processes and workflows are doing—and how they are performing—at the actual transaction and process execution levels.
With Software AG PPM you can:

  • Automatically discover end-to-end processes
  • Analyze historical processes to find opportunities for optimization
  • Benchmark processes to identify best practices
  • Optimize team and collaboration structures

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Process Performance Optimization

Measure and optimize processes

CWS-boco, a specialist in lavatory hygiene, floor mats and textile services, has a clear focus—to always remain the leader in quality and innovation. The corresponding demands on enterprise IT are high. Accurate analysis of processing times are needed for a targeted and rapid increase in the company’s service quality. Estimated times are not enough.
As a result of Process Performance Management implementation:

  • Processing time decreased by 17 %
  • Administrative time reduced to 1 hour per month
  • Reliable data optimizations

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Cross-enterprise business processes – fast, flexible and traceable

Conextrade is a cross-industry B2B marketplace provided by Swisscom IT Services, which enables electronic procurement and transaction billing. It reliably and securely processes information while offering users and Swisscom maximum flexibility.
Swisscom IT Services must ensure that Conextrade’s processes are easily adaptable to market requirements. With a large and ever-growing number of partners, manual management of business processes led to scalability issues.
As a result of Process Performance Management implementation:

  • Automation cuts number of process steps in half
  • Reliable and efficient processing of millions of documents
  • Business transaction transparency enabled

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Customer loyalty card programs with efficient process management

For many companies, customer loyalty card programs are an essential component of their competitive strategy. Greater customer loyalty and better insight into customer needs can lead to substantial increases in sales volume. Accarda AG is Switzerland’s leading company in this area and provides services ranging from advice and design to implementation and operation.
Particularly important in this context is a consistent focus on integrated, cross company business process management that is regularly reviewed in accordance with ISO 9001.
As a result of Process Performance Management implementation:

  • Hundreds of thousand of CHF were saved by reducing incomplete card applications
  • Hundreds of hours were saved when monitoring theprocessing of correspondence

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