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Mastering the chaos of moving files with Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Collaboration is all about sharing data, and across the board, companies these days are sharing more files with more people.
This raises a challenge: how is a company supposed to take advantage of all the benefits of file sharing – opportunities for collaboration and greater productivity – without relying on insecure methods such as email attachments, FTP, and public cloud services?
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Creating a Mature File Transfer Process

Read this Aberdeen Group Report to learn how to mature your file transfer process.

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Why you need to manage your file transfers?

The challenges of moving files are similar across industries and company sizes:

  • The number of end-users needing to transfer files is growing quickly — between 6% and 9% year-over-year.
  • The volume of file transfers is growing even faster than the number of end-users — between 8% and 11% year-over-year.
  • The size of files being transferred is also growing — between 6% and 7% year-over-year.

Is your file transfer management prepared? Find it out with these simple questions.

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Managed File Transfer

Let us help you mastering the chaos of moving files

webMethods ActiveTransfer has helped hundreds of organizations across industries. The benefits of speeding up issue handling by factor 5 or reducing the number of issues by 26% can be yours.
Do you want to find out more about how you and your business can benefit from real control of any file transfer – no matter the volume or size?
Contact us and we are glad to share our best practices in Managed File Transfer with you.

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The Way Moving Files is Moving

Moving files in the extended enterprise requires not only support for higher scale with fewer resources, but also dealing with the relentless challenges of security; compliance; errors, exceptions, and problems; and the time and opportunity cost of problem resolution. Aberdeen’s analysis found that mature, managed file transfer processes experienced 26% fewer issues and 4.8-times faster time to correct them, among many other benefits.
Aberdeen’s Analyst Insights provide the analyst perspective of the research as drawn from an aggregated view of surveys, interviews, analysis, and industry experience.

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Don’t let file transfer become a bottleneck for your business

Data sharing is a key part of business collaboration. But keeping your company’s files protected is an ongoing challenge – especially when email and FTP are as secure as sending a postcard.
Research found that applying Managed File Transfer (MFT) helps companies to reduce the number of file transfer problems by 26% and makes them 5x faster to correct them. Are you ready?
Take this quick test with five simple questions to find out if you really master the chaos of moving files.

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Managed File Transfer

10 reasons to adopt a modern Managed File Transfer solution

Millions of file transfers take place every day between suppliers and manufacturers, manufacturers and retailers, corporates and payroll vendors, and more. It’s how the big box store knows when one store is sold out of a particular item. It’s how sales reports are generated for an entire region. And it can simply be the first step in ensuring that a direct deposit goes through on the 1st and 15th of each month.
With the threat of hackers, leaks and even the most seemingly innocuous data having the potential to influence anything from operations to stock prices, securing file transfers is at the top of many CIO “to-do” lists.
Need more reasons?

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10 reasons for a modern MFT

Any file, any size, always delivered on time

Are you still relying on non-secure FTP for file transfers? Can you easily report on what files have been sent or received? Does your system alert you when an important file transfer fails?
Use webMethods ActiveTransfer instead for fast, secure and reliable exchange of large files inside and outside your enterprise.
Key benefits include:

  • One consolidated platform with guaranteed delivery
  • Built-in insight for regulatory compliance
  • Secure communication

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Making Fast and Reliable File Transfers for Partners a Reality

FTP can fall short when it comes to security, visibility and dependability. Discover a proven alternative: Managed File Transfer (MFT), the growing choice of Digital Enterprises to simplify and secure file transfers while improving performance, reliability and visibility.
See how MFT can help you better meet regulatory mandates, protect critical data, handle large file sizes or eliminate antiquated, inflexible file transfer systems. This webinar features the case study of how global fashion retailer Tory Burch uses webMethods ActiveTransfer for MFT.
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