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According to an independent survey of financial IT investment decision makers in international enterprises, almost 60% of respondents have no overall understanding how an IT budget cut impacts their business performance or risk exposure. The study further reveals that barely 4% determine their IT budget in accordance with the company’s actual business strategy or an IT portfolio analysis. As a consequence, more than 90% of the participants admit that they base their IT budget on industry benchmarks - as an arbitrary percentage of revenue - or simply tweak the previous year’s budget.

The purpose of the survey was to understand how financial IT decision makers perceive their IT information situation and how this impacts their budgeting behavior. It explores the information gap between CFOs and CIOs – the number one decision makers with regard to IT investments. Too often the cross-functional cooperation between these two groups is fraught with tension. This inevitably has a direct impact on the IT investment process and budgeting which in turn often adversely affects business performance and risk exposure.

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