The ROI of BPM Suites

Date: November 16, 2011
Time: 11:00am-12:00pm EDT (check local time)

Companies waste millions of dollars each year on ineffective and inefficient business processes. Enterprise BPM helps to solve this problem and provides a positive Return on Investment (ROI). In the Enterprise Business Process Management (EBPM) webinar series, Software AG introduced the vision of Enterprise BPM and how to use it to design, automate, and control mission-critical business processes. In this webinar, guest Forrester Research will show you how to calculate the ROI from EBPM and discuss case studies of organizations that completed successful EBPM projects.

Clay Richardson, the author of "The ROI of BPM Suites" will present his research on how organizations globally are using EBPM. He reports that firms can realize a return on their investment in BPM suites within three years through impressive gains in business efficiency and worker productivity.

Register today and you will learn:

  • How BPM suites can be a good investment in the face of challenging economic conditions and an increasingly competitive business environment.
  • Four key factors you can use in your ROI analysis
  • Why a full EBPM suite investment provides the greatest investment benefit

All attendees will receive a free copy of the report, "The ROI of BPM Suites" (August 2011) by Clay Richardson.

Who should attend?

Everybody who is interested in the return on investment a BPM program can have for his company.


About the speakers

Clay Richardson
Senior Analyst
Forrester Research, Inc.

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Georg Simon
SVP Product Marketing
Software AG

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