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Big Data is not a problem. Fast access to Big Data is.
Allow SPEED to revolutionize Your business.

What could you do with instant access to ALL of your data? It’s a game-changing innovation for every industry!

Before BigMemory, many software architects wouldn’t even THINK about putting more than a few GBs of data in RAM for fear of garbage collection pauses. BigMemory stores data off the Java heap, meaning you can max out the largest servers on the market. Capacity is unlimited. Scale up, scale out—even scale to the cloud—while achieving lightning-fast access to Big Data.

Join our breakfast seminars

Grow wallet share through right-time cross-sell and up-sell promotions.

We have helped our customers improve conversion rates 10-fold and generate multi-million EUROS of net-new revenue. Meet with our experts to learn how Software AG is enabling major organisations across multiple industries to increase revenue, reduce churn and increase loyalty by redefining Customer Experience Management.

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Date: September 24, 2013
Time: 08:30-11:30
Place: Kista Science Tower,
Stockholm, Sweden

Kista Science Tower, Stockholm, Sweden

Date: September 25, 2013
Time: 08:30-11:30
Place: Scandic KNA,
Oslo, Norway

Scandic KNA,
Oslo, Norway

ProcessForum Nordic 2013

Date: November 14, 2013
Place: Odenplan 7A, Stockholm, Sweden

ProcessForum Nordic is the largest Software AG event in the Nordics during 2013, and we welcome you to take part to listen to the latest news and announcements regarding our Terracotta solutions.
The conference is a full day FREE of charge event.

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ProcessForum 2013

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ProcessForum 2013
BigMemory for BigData

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