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Track Sessions Topics & Descriptions

At ProcessWorld 2011, you will hear from customer and product visionaries in 54 track sessions - more than ever before! There's something for every IT and business professional aspiring to achieve results faster.

May 31, 2011
7:30 AM – 6:30 PM Registration and Information Desk Open
7:30 AM – 9:00 AM Welcome Coffee
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM "Transform to Reach Your Full Potential"
Karl-Heinz Streibich, Chief Executive Officer, Software AG

"Agility to Achieve Continuous Business Transformation"
Dr. Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer, R&D & Product Marketing, Software AG
Ivo Totev, Chief Services Officer, Global Consulting Services (excl. D/A/CH) as well as Global Support & IT

"IT Delivery at the Speed of Business"
Dr. Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer, R&D & Product Marketing, Software AG
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM Break/Meet the Experts in the Exhibition
  Business Results Showcase Process Excellence Agile Infrastructure Process- Driven IT Modernization Architecture & Implementation Passion for Innovation
11:00 AM -
12:00 PM
Case Study - Kneipp: Business Success Increases through Strategic Optimization and Automation of Business Processes

Learn how pharmaceutical vendor Kneipp aligns and optimizes core processes to handle big challenges, such as rapid expansion, constantly changing markets, quality management issues and regulatory compliance -- all while decreasing time-to-market to maintain a competitive advantage. According to their strategy roadmap, an intensive process analysis in ARIS will lead to a gradual automation of their core business processes in webMethods. The first pilot project focused on a product elimination process and realized immediate cost savings of 35%. Learn more about how Kneipp is maximizing their business success with Software AG's Enterprise BPM.

Enterprise BPM: An Introduction & Demonstration

Enterprise BPM is the seamless integration of ARIS and webMethods technologies. Get a close-up look at the entire BPM lifecycle, and how the two software suites are better together. You'll see the entire process as well as three "entry points" where your organization can begin to benefit, including Process Transformation, Process Automation and Process Intelligence.

Case Study - DHL: Building an Integration Platform From the Ground-up

DHL found themselves in an interesting position. They had an existing set of tools to integrate their logistics systems for their business, but were challenged by the cost to rebuild and replace. While their existing system met their needs today, it would not in the future. DHL took a phased approach to build an Integration Backbone, based upon a set of tools and methods, to integrate their systems. After building and deploying the backbone, their next step is to build the applications on top of it. In this session you'll hear how DHL successfully created their backbone and how they are building their next generation of applications on top of it.

Enterprise Data Solutions - Product Strategy and Vision

In this session, you will learn about the Software AG vision for the future of Enterprise Data Solutions: Adabas and Natural. Hear more about our unique product strategy for Natural, Adabas, webMethods and ARIS and how it can help your organization build a successful roadmap to Business Process Excellence. Discover how you can use technology enablers to modernize your IT environment.

Case Study - Federal Employment Agency of Germany: The Versatile Application Scenarios of ARIS

This presentation will cover three different application scenarios of ARIS within the Federal Employment Agency of Germany including:

1)Enterprise Architecture Management: Capturing and maintaining the complex IT landscape of Germany's largest agency and migrating the existing landscape towards the IT strategy of the agency.
2)SAP Implementation and Maintenance: Using ARIS for building a business blueprint for Europe's largest SAP Implementation Project in the public sector and documentation and continual improvement of the processes of the SAP Customer Competence Center in ARIS.
3)Business Process Management: Backbone and central guidance for the operative business process model of the Federal Employment Agency of Germany.
Process Innovations and Process Intelligence: Invent and Manage your Business

We'll be highlighting ARIS Business Strategy for strategy mapping and scorecards including real-world examples of process innovations. The focus of this session is the holistic approach from business strategy to tactical process analytics to real-time process monitoring by integrated Process Intelligence.

1:30 PM -
2:30 PM
Case Study - NET4GAS: Implementation of Process Management in Strictly Line Oriented Company

Net4Gas shares their implementation story of new and improved process management principles. Special focus will be given to utilization of ARIS tools, their internal system that controls Service Level Agreements (SLA) and KPI management.

Case Study - German Ministry of Defense: Business Process Management in Big Organizations

More than ten years ago the German military chose to implement standardized software based on processes. This marked the beginning of a comprehensive evaluation of nearly all its business processes. Process models now depict not only the work flows related to IT implementation, but also illustrate the relevant departments by way of end-to-end target processes . This presentation discusses how to plan, implement and control this type of comprehensive enterprise process modeling. You will also hear how the German military is currently facing the challenge of keeping its process landscape up to date and future-proofing its investment.

7 SOA Practices that Unlock Business Value

Adoption of SOA continues to grow rapidly, proof that IT professionals see compelling evidence in SOA helping their organization become more competitive. In this session, we will share SOA practices that clearly drive business value and improve business KPIs. Real-world scenarios and customer case studies will be used to illustrate each of these SOA practices.

Creating a Strategic Roadmap for IT Modernization

As business needs change and evolve, the technologies, people and processes that support the business also need to adapt and innovate. In this session, you'll hear about Software AG's process-driven IT Modernization solution and how it can help you achieve business process excellence. This session includes a case study of Plascon speaking about first-hand benefits of a process-driven approach to IT Modernization.

Development Lifecycle: Building and Deploying Solutions in webMethods 8.2

Do you want to know how to simplify and expedite the build and deployment of your webMethods implementations? This session explains how to manage the development lifecycle from development, build and deployement using the latest capabilities provided in webMethods 8.2.

Cutting-edge Research Projects: Software-Cluster: "Innovations for the Digital Enterprise" & ADIWA: "Alliance for Digital Flow of Goods"

Scientists from the leading edge Software Cluster in Europe provide perspectives on business and technology trends for the digital enterprise. Hear about:

1.New business models for the software industry: Learn more about business opportunities in the cloud.
2.The Innovative Retail Laboratory (IRL) - How computing will improve in-store retail processes.
3.The Smart City: A short trip to a future city, driven by the paradigm of emergent software and he digital enterprise.
2:45 PM -
3:45 PM
Case Study - Jenoptik: Process-, Data- and IT-Harmonization

JENOPTIK, an international optics company located in Jena, Thuringia, Germany, is one of the market and technology leaders in digital optics. Hear the story about how they turned to IDS Scheer Consulting's Industry.PerformanceREADY services and Software AG's ARIS Platform to help improve efficiency by 15% through harmonization of their Process-, Data- and IT-Landscape. New, improved business processes will be implemented in phases within the SAP Business Suite and then rolled-out to the whole company. Possible integration requirements are intended to be solved with the webMethods suite.

Financial Services: The Agile Bank

A competitive business model is based on the execution of excellent business processes. How can high performance, efficiency and quality requirements of business processes be aligned with company goals? Focusing exclusively on financial services, discover how to govern this transformation process using a dedicated approach, proven best practices, and the right tools.

Case Study - T-Systems Austria: A Principled Architectural Approach to Large SOA Projects

The principles of good SOA architecture are widely known so why is it that it is so hard to adhere to them? This session will address this question in the context of multi-year, multi-million Euro project, ticket4all to modernize and expand ticketing channels for Austrian Railway. Learn what challenges were encountered along the way of implementing the architectural vision and how those challenges were overcome while keeping the project on track.

Modernization Methodologies: Lessons from the Experts

Join the experts from the Software AG Global Consulting Service team as they showcase several real-world examples of the process-driven approach to IT Modernization. Learn more about the proven methodologies that are currently helping our customers save time, money and resources by leveraging internal and external expertise to introduce new capabilities to their enterprise.

SOA Platform Reference Architecture Based on webMethods

Many customers have partnered with Software AG's Global Consulting Services to build out their Service Oriented Architectures. This presentation consolidates the results of these engagements and provides a pre-built SOA platform reference architecture as implemented using the webMethods platform. This presentation demonstrates best practices and lessons learned, and is sure to offer valuable information for anyone who is planning to implement a SOA platform in the future.

Case Study - Süwag: System Monitoring - Establishing a Process Control Panel for Market Communication

Abstract Coming Soon

4:00 PM -
5:00 PM
Case Study - Poste Italiane: Advanced BPE Methods Create Value for Internal Control Auditing

See how Poste Italiane has taken advantage of the ARIS Platform to develop and implement a comprehensive methodological audit approach to evaluate Internal Control Systems' design and functioning. Discover how this adoption process achieved efficiency through synergetic and gradual involvement of different departments in the system.

Case Study - Erste Group Bank AG: Process Performance Management - Curse or Cure?

A new buzzword is all around. "Process Performance Management (PPM)" promises 20% cost reductions and efficiency gains of 30%. Scanning through newspapers and literature, this seems to be the cure-all to solve every company's problems. But is it really like that? We invite you to re-live the endeavor of ERSTE Group in their implementation of PPM and have a close look for yourself.

Service Industries: Enterprise BPM Meets Industry Expertise

Hear from Industry Experts for Utilities, Logistics, IT and Telecommunications:
• how to finish projects faster with reference processes
• how improve service quality with best practice business processes
• how to enhance customer experience with end-to-end process intelligence

Case Study - travel-BA.Sys: Making Business Applications Ready for the Cloud

Most business applications today are falling short when it comes to characteristics of a cloud application (SaaS). The session will show which elements of existing business applications need to be changed to address fast changing business requirements while leveraging characteristics and the value of cloud-based applications.

Improved SOA Portfolio Management with Enterprise Architecture and webMethods

Learn how ARIS Enterprise Architecture Management can help better manage assets across your SOA and BPM implementations, providing a better understanding of the relationships and dependencies across your environment.

Multi-Domain Master Data Management

Learn why multi-domain MDM is fast becoming solution of choice for MDM programs. Multi-domain solutions can support both MDM for customer and product data all within the same solution or instance. Moreover, multi-domain MDM provides the same functionality and paradigm as single-domain solutions, but extends support to substantively incorporate additional subject areas including supplier, account, employee, organization and complex hierarchies.

5:30 PM – 6:00 PM Customer Keynote:
"Business Process Oriented IT in Logistics: Vision and Implementation"
Martin Kolbe, CIO, Kühne + Nagel International AG

June 1, 2011
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Registration and Information Desk Open
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Welcome Coffee
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM "Value-Driven Business Process Management"
Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Executive Director for Business Process Management (BPM), Accenture

"Business Model Canvas: The Bridge between Business Modesl and Processes"
Alexander Osterwalder, Author, Speaker and Advisor on Business Model Innovation

Customer & Partner Innovation Awards
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM Break/Meet the Experts in the Exhibition
  Business Results Showcase Process Excellence Agile Infrastructure Process- Driven IT Modernization Architecture & Implementation Passion for Innovation
11:00 AM -
11:45 AM
Process Industries, Manufacturing & Retail: Different Industries - Different Challenges?

Perhaps no industry on earth utilizes and relies on efficient processes more than manufacturing and retail. Hear industry-experts from Process Industries, Discrete Manufacturing and Retail talk about the latest trends and best-practices and what it means to achieve "business process excellence."

Case study - Deutsche Telekom: Methodological Approach for Business to IT Transformation Programs

Deutsche Telekom's program to radically reduce ERP systems and simplify the associated business processes prove the benefits of strong business sponsorships, for a process-driven approach and for shared IT and business goals. In this session, we show how these approaches were applied to maximize business benefit and how this will be applied in future transformation programs.

Swisscom Conextrade: Leading Swiss electronic B2B-Marketplace

Interested in VAT compliance? Learn how Swisscom used their existing B2B system to reduce the cost of paper invoices by converting to electronic invoices.

Increased efficiency and Cost savings for Public Sector – Sustainability through Industry Standards and Best Practices

Learn about new trends in the Public Sector plus our wide-ranging service portfolio. Realize efficiencies and cost savings through industry standards and best practices. Topics include:

  • Electronic execution - From business process to IT applications without media breaks
  • UNIversal@HE&R - An all-in-one solution for universities and research
  • Defense.PerformanceREADY - Cost savings via best practice reference processes
Enterprise Architect Panel Discussion

Enterprise Architects have a lot on their plate these days. Hear what experienced architects have to say about the most pressing IT issues they face today.

Mobile-enabled Process Management

It's no secret that mobile technologies, like cell phones and tablets, have changed the world we live in. They have now earned a ubiquitous presence with every business executive and are seen as essential tools in the workplace. As companies re-think the definition of "office" and move to mobile a enabled their workforce, they need a way to fully integrate mobile devices into their business processes. This session will demonstrate how to use cutting edge technology to bridge the gap between where processes run and where the users work…on their mobile device.

1:15 PM -
2:00 PM
Case Study - Linde AG: Enterprise Architecture Management

Follow Linde AG as they achieve "process excellence" by setting up an integrated, transparent and consistent Enterprise Repository and enhance their existing business processes. The Enterprise Repository includes essential content related to Linde's High Performance Organisation (HPO) and meets the needs of both business and Information Services (IS) by providing the transparency necessary to support standardization and better utilisation of existing IS capabilities, assets & services. At the same time, the IS organisation becomes more aware of their own capabilities, processes & responsibilities.

Case Study - Cable & Wireless: From Process Immaturity to Enterprise BPM

Process Excellence is at the core of Cable & Wireless' vision to be the mission-critical communications integrator. Learn about their journey to elevate BPM from IT to a high strategic business level in the organization, and their experiences going from process immaturity to Process Excellence. See how Enterprise BPM factors into their plans, and what lessons you can learn for strategic, transformational BPM programs in your organization.

Case Study - HSBC Bank PLC: Building an SOA Platform for Flexible Business Processes

At HSBC Turkey customer satisfaction is key. Having entered the market in 1990, the bank has grown to over 330 branches and 3 million customers by focusing on providing services and products tailored for local customers. In order to support these goals, HSBC Turkey established an SOA platform for their business processes and transactions. Today 200 business services form the foundation for 40 business processes and all of the financial transactions. The session will use paperless customer order management system as a prime example of such business processes helping improve customer satisfaction while cutting costs and contributing to the environment. Come and learn from the experience of this leading bank's SOA journey that includes architecture, challenges, best practices and business benefits.

Case Study - Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore: EA at Singapore Government

Imagine a project that can eventually transform the government of an entire country. That's the story of the IDA, a project that will eventually scale to allow all government agencies in Singapore to adopt the Enterprise Architecture (EA) platform.

Greenhat & Hiscox: Implementing Test Automation: IT Business Cases and Business Business Cases

Discover how one of the UK's leading insurance companies transformed its approach to automated testing, with Green Hat's GH Tester playing a key role. Find out how Hiscox built a strategy that minimizes effort and maximizes coverage, enabling testing periods to be minimized. Green Hat delivers automation during execution and forms the basis for all data scenarios for Hiscox. One large project could justify the purchase of Green Hat in a single business case through reduced system tests and automated re-usable scripts. This enabled senior stakeholder buy-in to the process, who found it difficult to say "no" to projects. Hiscox are now looking to deliver business process benefits in other areas by combining a new test approach and Green Hat's GH Tester.

Case Study - TeamBank AG: webMethods Business Events: Situational Awareness for Immediate Actions

What would you do if you knew that your customer's ATM card had fraud-like behavior, or if you knew that a crucial shipped package was stolen? Learn how webMethods Business Events can give you instantaneous access to this type of information so that action can be taken and damage can be minimized. Using its patent pending Complex Event Processing technology, webMethods Business Events can parse through thousands of events per second and identify event patterns and correlations of interest and take immediate action.

2:15 PM -
3:00 PM
BearingPoint: Effective Contract Management

How can we do the right things at the right time if we do not know the contents of our contracts?

Contract Management is a key topic in allowing enterprises to fulfill their objectives. Every four years BearingPoint conducts an international survey, where we explore how European enterprises presently perform Contract Management. We like to present current and future trends as well as potential areas of improvement. This includes our holistic approach for effective Contract Management.

Case Study - Aselsan A.S.: BPM Implementation of Aselsan Purchasing Processes

Aselsan, a leading defense company in Turkey, describes how their business processes are automated using webMethods BPM tool. Discussion includes their purchasing processes and other examples. Glimpse inside their decision-making process, including why they needed BPM, their expectations, and their decision criteria. Learn about their implementation and management of processes, and integration with SAP and the company's own portal. See their process analysis and a summary of benefits.

iTKO: Continuous Development, Integration & Test with Virtual Service Environments

As today's enterprise applications include more composite elements such as SOA, BPM and Cloud-based services, IT teams struggle to deliver needed software functionality against rapidly increasing complexity and change. The new technology of Service Virtualization, which captures and simulates the behavior, data and performance characteristics of unavailable or incomplete systems for unconstrained use in development and testing lifecycles, relieves these issues when applied with the right methodology. This session will focus on the four key capabilities your organization should look for in a Service Virtualization approach that will enable extended software dev & test teams to get high quality Software AG-powered applications to market faster, with dramatically lower cost and risk.

Case Study - CosmosDirekt: Achieving Highly Satisfied Customers and Efficient Processes

CosmosDirekt has deployed ARIS PPM for process intelligence in request and order processing for its core products since 2006. The company's goal is to provide suitable transparency in its processes that establishes extremely high customer satisfaction through high quality processes – processes that are also very efficient from CosmosDirekt's perspective. Dashboards and process analyses support management reporting.

Product Roadmap: webMethods

Always a popular session, the webMethods Roadmap gives customers a sneak-peek into the future of webMethods. Led by Product Marketing managers, the roadmap session will recap the newest release of webMethods, and discuss the driving forces shaping future releases. It will also include a timetable for new capabilities and releases.

Voice Enabled Processes with webMethods Communicate

As mobile devices and mobile applications are proliferating around the world companies are looking for new and innovative ways to reach out to process participants in order to automate and optimize business processes performance. webMethods Communicate makes it easy to leverage your pre-existing telephony infrastructure to add voice and SMS enabled capabilities to your business processes. This interactive session will demonstrate the functionality and show you how easy it is to get started with your own processes.

3:15 PM -
4:00 PM
Case Study - Faurecia S.A.: Development and Implementation of a Global ERP Template System

Follow the story of Faurecia as they roll-out a new global ERP template at 250 sites in more than 30 countries. The system, based on SAP ECC 6.0, covers the processes of R&D centers, production plants and shared service centers and will replace more than 10 legacy ERP systems. Learn how they reduced costs by decommissioning legacy ERP systems and by standardizing business processes.

Case Study - European Aviation Safety Agency: Business Processes Management and ISO9001:2008 Certification
Learn how the European Aviation Safety Agency met their goal to not only fulfill its mission on aviation safety but also to set a great example for European Member States and Industries. In 2008, the Agency launched the ambitious project of setting-up an Integrated Management System to be ISO9001:2008 certified by the year 2010. To achieve this objective, which requires effective and efficient business process management, the Agency replaced a manual system for process modelling and validation with an electronic approach. This presentation tells their success story, including decision-making factors, ARIS implementation and the lessons learned. The successful ISO9001:2008 certification in 2010, with no findings, awards the work of the ARIS EASA team. This new system provides flexible and adaptable business process management and supports bench-marking/bench-learning with EU Agencies and European National Aviation Authorities.
Case Study - Fabory: Transforming the ERP Centric B2B Integration

Learn from Fabory how they transformed their Business Connector based solution to an enterprise calss B2B infrastructure which is allowing them to maximize their ERP investment and increase operational agility.

Leveraging Application Portfolio Management to Create Modernization Roadmaps

An integrated view between business and IT stakeholders facilitates better decisions in modernization initiatives. Software AG's Enterprise Architecture Management solution provides the transparency and capabilities needed to leverage application portfolio management. Learn how to analyze applications from business down to the infrastructure level and design reliable modernization roadmaps using ARIS. Demonstrate business value of modernization initiatives by driving process-driven planning and transformation of the application landscape!

TOGAF Based Implementation of Enterprise Architecture Management

Hear the Brandenburg Ministry of Interior discuss how they solved their biggest challenge: sustainable documentation of the in-use IT landscape. After practicing a lot of theoretical approaches, they found TOGAF combined with the ARIS IT-Architect is the answer. Now all Excel sheets with different formats are merged into a single database, making it easier to find and work with the needed information. They can also easily track which technical solution belongs to which business process which comes in handy in discussions with business managers.

Deloitte: "Managing complexity in challenging times - An Enterprise Architecture case study"

Modern enterprises are confronted with several challenges that require an effective governance mechanism ..."Keep up or perish", "Shifting powers in the value chain", "Making technology a differentiator", "Excel or outsource". Come see how Deloitte has leveraged the ARIS IT Architect ,ARIS IT Inventory and the ARIS Mash Zone to deliver Enterprise Architecture solutions in the governance of enterprise transformation.

4:15 PM -
5:00 PM
Case Study - MN Services: Risks are Key, Processes Follow

Within Mn Services the CRO stated in his Enterprise Risk Management program that it is not about achieving an Internal Control Statement (ICS) redocumenting the current processes with required controls. A top-down risk mitigation, derived from the corporate strategy, is the way to work on effective, lean processes and to keep ahead of competitors. Learn from the experiences and best practices, enabled by ARIS Solution for GRC.

SAP: The future trends of Business Process Management Excellence in a SAP Environment

In this session, attendees will explore suggestions about the outlook and future for BPM Excellence in a SAP Environment, including current trends. We will look at BPM integrated with the strategy model, Enterprise Architecture, BPM technology which is based on one integrated landscape and how Sustainability will be an integrated part of BPM. You will also explore how BPM combined with in-memory can be the enabler to define your business processes in a total new perspective. The Session is supported by the recently published book: Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment.

Using WOA/REST to Accelerate Partner Integration and Adoption of Cloud & Mobile

Increasingly, business adoption of mobile applications and cloud technologies is based on Web-Oriented Architecture and REST design principles. In this session, come up to speed with the patterns, tools and methods as they become mainstream, positioning you well for driving innovation at your company.

Case Study - Daiichi Sankyo: Supply Chain Process Monitoring & Analysis with ARIS PPM

After the European roll out of logistic modules in SAP and implementation of vendor managed inventory, Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH was looking for a tool to monitor and analyze the supply chain cross country processes in Europe. Learn how a fast discovery approach combined with using MM and SD business content in ARIS PPM sped up the implementation and roll out.

Upgrading to webMethods 8

This session will provide an overview of the process for upgrading earlier versions of webMethods to the latest release, as well as offering best practices and tips to ease the process.

Best Practices for Running Software AG in the Cloud

You've no-doubt heard about Software AG's announcement for "Cloud-ready" products. Learn more about how to run webMethods & ARIS in the cloud, including lessons learned from our experiences installing and configuring in AWS.