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Track Sessions Topics & Descriptions

At ProcessWorld 2011, you will hear from customer and product visionaries in 48 track sessions - more than ever before! There's something for every IT and business professional aspiring to achieve results faster.

Please check back regularly for updates on session abstracts and presenters. Sessions are subject to change.

June 28, 2011
  Business Results Showcase Process Excellence Agile Infrastructure Process- Driven IT Modernization Architecture & Implementation Passion for Innovation
11:00 AM -
12:00 PM
Case Study - Lowe's: Delivering Superior Customer Service with SOA

Lowe's is the 2nd largest home improvement retailer world-wide and operates more than 1,725 stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico. One of priorities at Lowe's is to invest in technology that will help improve customer experience and positively impact brand equity. In this session, you will hear from a Lowe's leading IT executive about two such initiatives – managing 3rd party repair services, and managing the sales cycle of special order products – implemented on an SOA services platform using webMethods. As a result, Lowe's is able to provide a positive lift in customer satisfaction, improve sales effectiveness and drive up overall business performance.

Enterprise BPM: An Introduction & Demonstration

Overview of Enterprise BPM message and hands on demo of lifecycle interaction with three presenters/screens.

Case Study - Coca-Cola Customer Business Solutions: Transform your B2B with webMethods Trading Networks and MashZone

Learn how 'Coca Cola – Customer Business Solutions (CC-CBS)' moved their B2B operations on to webMethods Trading Networks to make way for future B2B capabilities. Discover how CC-CBS utilizes webMethods Trading Networks to manage their EDI implementations, how they use Mashzone to provide near real-time system diagnostics, and their future plans involving webMethods B2B products.

Process-Driven IT Modernization and the Future of Natural and Adabas

As business needs change and evolve, the technologies, people and processes that support the business also need to adapt and innovate. In this session, you'll hear about Software AG's process-driven IT Modernization solution and how it can help you achieve business process excellence. In addition, we will cover the future strategy for Natural and Adabas.

Upgrading to webMethods 8

This session will provide an overview of the process for upgrading earlier versions of webMethods to the latest release, as well as offer best practices and tips to ease the process. Additionally, this session will highlight a case study of a recent upgrade project from Baker Hughes. Hear from the customer, as well as a member of Software AG's Global Consulting Services staff, about the scope of their upgrade project, and learn about this projects' highlights and lessons learned.

webMethods Business Events: React faster with Event Processing

What would you do if you knew that your customers ATM card had fraud like behavior, or if you knew that a shipped package was stolen? Learn how webMethods Business Events can give you instantaneous access to this type of information so that action can be taken. Using it's patent pending Complex Event Processing technology Business Events can parse through thousands of events per second and identify event patterns and correlations of interest and take immediate action.

1:30 PM -
2:30 PM
Case Study - Baker Hughes: Baker's Dozen: 13 Ways Process Intelligence Drives Supply Chain Value

Baker Hughes is expecting to produce $100M in annual savings through its Supply Chain operations in 2010, 2011 & 2012. With improvements of this magnitude, Baker puts a premium on visibility, agility and control of its key processes. Tony Aming, elected as a 2011 Pro-to-Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive, will share Baker Hughes' approach in leveraging Process Intelligence to deliver real-time analytics that are enabling such huge potential across Baker Hughes' supply chain.

Case Study - T-Mobile: ARIS Implementation for SAP

This presentation will present how the Enterprise System division at T-Mobile USA, Inc. began its ARIS for SAP 7.1 implementation, where we are now, and what we envision for the road ahead.

7 SOA Practices that Unlock Business Value

Adoption of SOA continues to grow rapidly, proof that IT professionals see evidence of SOA helping deliver value in their organization. In this session, we will discuss 7 SOA practices that these IT professionals have deployed making their organizations more competitive. Then CACI would share their story about how they applied some of these practices on a large, multi-year SOA project. With offices in the US and Europe, CACI is a premier provider of professional services and IT solutions to the public sector.

Case Study - AAFMAA: Partnership Pillars, followed by a customer panel session on IT Modernization

Key partnerships have driven AAFMAA's successful IT modernization. AAFMAA, Software AG and MetroStar Systems generated results that could not have been achieved by a single partner operating alone. By using MetroStar resources to implement Software AG products, AAFMAA has reduced the duplication of efforts and enhanced the effectiveness of the products. The IT modernization initiatives resulted in outstanding technology innovation, while reducing costs.

Development Lifecyle: Building and Deploying Solutions in webMethods 8.2

This session highlights some of the latest features in webMethods 8.2, from simplifying the deployment of solutions to improved management of XML data structures. You will learn how the latest release of webMethods improves the management of the development lifecycle - from development and build to deployment - and expedites the rollout of your webMethods implementations, even across large scale deployments. You will also hear from Bristol Myers-Squibb how they have applied XML schema extension enhancements in webMethods 8.2 to design mediation web services that leverage canonical data structures.

Multi-Domain MDM

Learn why multi-domain MDM is fast becoming the solution of choice for MDM programs. Multi-domain solutions can support both MDM for customer and product data all within the same instance. Moreover, multi-domain MDM allows relationships to be defined between individual domains and other reference data which helps address real business requirements.  Learn how webMethods OneData not only provides a multi-domain MDM platform with rich capabilities around data governance but also supports a Process Driven approach to MDM.

2:45 PM -
3:45 PM
Case Study - Standard Chartered Bank: Social BPM for the Enterprise

This session will cover Standard Chartered Bank's plans to create a one stop portal solution for use by SCB Wholesale Bank's Relationship Managers (RMs) globally. The portal solution will enable the Bank's RMs to obtain a view of their core business information, dashboards representing their key KPIs and visibility into their core sales processes. This innovative solution will also integrate a social networking solution providing a social element to enterprise business process automation. The programme will be achieved on a strong foundation of re-engineering core business processes that support their RMs and automating select critical processes over a Service Oriented integration infrastructure that brings their core Transaction Processing, Business Intelligence & Customer Information Systems together into a unified offering.

Case Study - Wawa: The Evolution of Our Business Process Design Methodology

Wawa's Business Process Design Methodology has been evolving over the past three years as we have acquired knowledge and experience. This presentation will provide an overview of how Wawa's Process Improvement team is integrated into our Business Transformation Team and then explain our Business Process Design Methodology. The methodology consists of four phases: Plan, Design, Build, and Transition. This session will review each phase and the steps included within each phase to ensure the successful creation or redesign of a business process.

Case Study - Staples: A Practical Roadmap to SOA Governance

Staples is the world's largest office products company providing a wide range of office products, including supplies, technology, furniture, and business services in 27 countries. In order to better manage their dramatic growth in recent years, Staples looked to SOA as the approach for integrating systems and consolidating data. Governance was identified early as key to the success of this multi-year program. In this session, Staples will share their insights into building a practical roadmap of implementing large scale SOA governance.

Modernization Methodologies: Lessons from the Experts

Join the experts from the Software AG Global Consulting Service team as they showcase several real-world examples of the process-driven approach to IT Modernization. Learn more about the proven methodologies that are currently helping our customers save time, money and resources by leveraging internal and external expertise to introduce new capabilities to their enterprise.

Implementation Best Practices for Agile Methodology

The ability to create and respond to change in order to profit in a turbulent business environment has driven a number of IT organizations to adopt Agile development methodologies. Producing higher quality results in shorter time, at a lower cost, with improved stakeholder satisfaction are among the benefits of Agile that have driven a number of IT shops to revisit and replace old methodologies that no longer work. This presentation gives a brief overview of Agile principles, history, and value. It further addresses the viability, role, and effect that a high power BPMS tools can have on Agile software development. Some practical advise from webMethods experience will also be shared along with some customer use cases.

Case Study - Kneipp: From ARIS to webMethods - Our Journey

Learn how pharmaceutical vendor Kneipp aligns and optimizes core processes to handle key corporate challenges, such as rapid expansion, constantly changing markets, quality management issues and regulatory compliance -- all while decreasing time-to-market to maintain a competitive advantage. According to their strategy roadmap, an intensive process analysis in ARIS will lead to a gradual automation of their core business processes in webMethods. The first pilot project focused on a product elimination process and realized immediate cost savings of 35%. Learn more about how Kneipp is maximizing their business success with Software AG's Enterprise BPM.

4:00 PM -
5:00 PM
Case Study - Liberty Mutual: Beyond Trading Partner Management for B2B Impact

Liberty Mutual's B2B platform processes hundreds of thousands of transactions per day across customers, vendors, business partners, and government agencies. This presentation will provide an in-depth overview of partner self-service capabilities, and examine the architecture behind the B2B initiative, with best practices for running a world-class B2B infrastructure.

Case Study - Pfizer: BPM's Role in Mergers and Acquisitions

BPM plays an important role for Pfizer when performing Mergers and Acquisitions. This presentation will explore the value BPM brings to this activity through:

  • - Establishing clear expectations for comparing organizations and processes
  • - Determining opportunities for realizing synergies in regards to roles, systems, activities, etc
  • - Ensuring that the best processes are leveraged in the new organization
  • - Determining the effort required to standardize processes across the new organization
Customer Panel: Getting Business Buy-in for SOA and Integration Programs

Undertaking large scale SOA and Integration programs requires showing clear return on investment and getting necessary buy-in from various stakeholders. Hear seasoned IT leaders talk about lessons they have learned convincing their IT and Business organizations to get behind such major IT initiatives.

University of Georgia at Athens: Process Automation -- Automating Equipment Check Out

University of Georgia at Athens implemented a BPM POC to assess the benefits of RAD, application development, process improvement and SOA. The wM application automates a paper-based process for obtaining authorization for off-campus use of UGA equipment. The process is now entirely online with the benefit of reduced completion time and decreased paper and postage costs.

Improved SOA Portfolio Management with Enterprise Architecture, CentraSite and webMethods

Learn how ARIS Enterprise Architecture Management and CentraSite can help better manage assets across your SOA and webMethods BPMS implementations, providing a better understanding of the relationships and dependencies across your environment.

Improving Process Efficiency by Mobile Applications

It's no secret that mobile technologies, like cell phones and tablets, have changed the world we live in. They have now earned a ubiquitous presence with every business executive and are seen as essential tools in the workplace. As companies re-think the definition of "office" and move to mobile a enabled their workforce, they need a way to fully integrate mobile devices into their business processes. This session will demonstrate how to use cutting edge technology to bridge the gap between where processes run and where the users work…on their mobile device.

June 29, 2011
  Business Results Showcase Process Excellence Agile Infrastructure Process- Driven IT Modernization Architecture & Implementation Passion for Innovation
11:00 AM -
12:00 PM
Case Study - PAREXEL: Sales to Trial to Marketing Life Cycle

This presentation is a Case Study of how a high quality, single source of master data enables deep business insights and powers business intelligence. PAREXEL is a leading global bio/pharmaceutical services organization that helps clients expedite time-to-market through development and launch services. These include a broad range of clinical development capabilities, integrated advanced technologies, regulatory affairs consulting, and commercialization services.

Case Study - CIMB: Automating Banking Processes for Growth

To expand its footprint through organic and inorganic growth, CIMB Group needed to standardize its business processes while incorporating regional and cultural differences.
CIMB Group developed a "hybrid methodology" using ARIS Business Process Management and Lean Six Sigma technologies to create workable business solutions that could apply across the organization. As a result, the Group has been able to make a positive first impression on its customers, increase new product acceptance rate and manage previously unmanageable business challenges in the complex market that it operates, with impressive results.
This presentation will provide insights on the competitive environment within South East Asian Markets, with Banks increasingly expanding their regional footprint and how CIMB used Business Process Excellence (with details on keys steps involved and the journey) as one of its key pillars for operational efficiencies and growth.

Case Stufy - BOK Financial Group: 4 Months to a Mobile Banking Solution with SOA

BOK Financial Corporation is a $24 billion regional financial services company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with full-service banks located in 8 states and brokerage services in 10 states. This session will discuss how BOK Financial took an SOA approach to design; construct and implement a mobile banking solution (iPad and iPhone included) in less than 4 months. The presentation would cover how the architectural design drove the project; the Key Performance Indicators and the role of webMethods Integration Server platform to meet the mobile banking objectives.

Case Study - Penn State University: Payroll Process Modernization

Penn State University realized that its 47 year old COBOL-based Payroll System had to be replaced. An internal review of options resulted in the decision to modernize it within the current ADABAS/Natural and wM BPM environment. Software AG consultants and Penn State staff are providing joint Project Management and modernization architectural expertise in converting the COBOL system to Natural.

Fiserv: Managing Operations for Large Scale Implementations

See how Fiserv manages the day-to-day operations of its extensive webMethods implementation involving several hundred instances of the webMethods Integration Server. In this session you will learn from the customer how Fiserv builds and deploys their webMethods environments, as well as how they manage ongoing administrative tasks from security management, system monitoring, applying patches, and more.

Best Practices for Running Software AG in the Cloud

For the last few years Softfware AG has been quietly running it's demo center in the cloud. Virtually every webMethods and ARIS product is avaiblebe in an instant. This session will focus on the tools and tricks we use to make sure that our systems are always available.

1:30 PM -
2:30 PM
SaskPower and VEA: Energize the Enterprise with ARIS for BPM and EA

Every organization must drive enterprise process and technology solutions to get optimal value for the business. Learn how SaskPower accelerated their BPM and EA initiatives with VEA Solution Accelerators and the ARIS Platform.

Medtronic: Driving Operational Excellence: Medtronic's Business Transformation Initiative

Limited insight into global performance and capacity of your order to cash process? Time-consuming report creation, order research & resolution? Increased priority shipping costs? Difficulty in leveling workload? Learn how Medtronic's Global Order Monitoring solution is providing real-time visibility into global activity and improving collaboration opportunities in a "One Medtronic" model.

Case Study - Discount Tire Company: Adopting SOA to Sell More Tires and Wheels

Bob LaChapelle from Discount Tire Company will share lessons learned about creating an enterprise class SOA infrastructure, from the importance of selling the business on the vision of SOA to delivering on its results. In this session you will learn how Discount Tire uses SOA to sell more tires and wheels, and see how SOA can provide more value to your company as well.

Case Study - Hildebrando Brasil: Adabas and Natural in a UNIX Enterprise Environment

Mario Sergio Rachid of Hildebrando Brasil will discuss how his company reduced expenses and improved developer productivity by moving from a mainframe environment to a UNIX platform. This is a classic, process-driven IT modernization story beginning with a rehosting plan, leading into application modernization through a variety of Software AG tools and methodologies.

Avnet and Green Hat: Using GH Tester to Reduce Defects In a Rapidly Changing Environment

Discover how Avnet tackled the challenge of moving to an entirely new corporate platform with a first go live date within 18 months. The platform includes the replacement of a legacy ERP system with SAP and 90 webMethods servers in 5 tiers. Avnet Integration Architect Chris Goguen explains how Green Hat's test automation tool GH Tester has played a key role in enabling integrations for this new environment by addressing unit, integration and regression testing demands. Learn how GH Tester enabled Avnet to test effectively despite a constant change to different components in the overall architecture.

Using WOA/REST to Accelerate Partner Integration and Adoption of Cloud & Mobile

The emergence of technologies such as Cloud and Mobile along with the increasing need to share information and business capabilities outside of the organization is putting new demands on IT. Traditional SOAP-style services add a layer of complexity that raise the barrier to adoption of services. Many organizations have started to look at a simpler approach based on Web Oriented Architecture (WOA) using REST-style services. This session takes a closer look at the drivers of WOA and uses real world scenarios to discuss avoiding pitfalls and achieving tangible benefits from implementing WOA/REST in your organization.

2:45 PM -
3:45 PM
Case Study - Clal Insurance: The Case for Case Management

CLAL Insurance, Israel's leading insurance, pension and financial services group, has developed an award-winning case management solution based on webMethods. The solution integrates claims documents with an automated process built on top of a legacy system, extending the company's existing IT investment. Time-intensive and error-prone manual steps were replaced with an agile, scalable claims process that is faster and more accurate, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Deloitte: IndustryPrint: Business Process Analysis for Everyone!

How to get thousands of business processionals around the world up to speed on BPA quickly?
Simplify, innovate, and automate with IndustryPrint. Deloitte worked with Software AG to develop a streamlined Business Process Analysis (BPA) approach that focuses on their Oracle and SAP project delivery methods and automates many common ARIS modeling tasks – the next generation of IndustryPrint. Learn through a live demo how Deloitte is deploying its proven IndustryPrint enterprise modeling approach on the ARIS platform in a way that makes it easier to use and faster to ramp up your project team. Topics include web-hosting, enterprise modeling architecture, modeling automation, ERP package integration, and a new flexible IndustryPrint report builder for generating project deliverables directly from ARIS.

Case Study - Coca-Cola Enterprises: Turning Supplier Payment Issues into Opportunities

In 2010 Coca-Cola Enterprises decided to sell its' North American bottling operations to the Coca-Cola Company. In just over 7 months, all of the existing systems needed to be cloned, migrated and implemented. These systems included ERP applications like SAP and document management systems. In this session you'll hear how Coca-Cola Enterprises turned issues with their supplier payments process into opportunities. You'll hear how they integrated disparate systems with webMethods Integration Server and how they used webMethods Optimize and Measure First Techniques to optimize their processes.

Staples & ProSoft: Advanced Integration Server Troubleshooting Techniques

See how to get answers faster when production issues arise. This session tells you exactly where to look within webMethods Integration Server. Beyond the obvious server log and error log entries, we'll discuss techniques using readily available tools, such as thread and heap dump analysis and operating system tools. Learn about built-in webMethods facilities that can help identify and correct problems and avoid recurring business impact.

Speed Up and Scale Out your Enterprise Applications with Terracotta

Software AG has announced the acquisition of Terracotta to drive new standards for performance and scalability of enterprise and cloud applications. In this presentation we will cover everything you need to know about Terracotta's BigMemory and Enterprise Ehcache products, including product capabilities, technical architecture as well as some real-world application examples. We will also preview the roadmap for integration of Terracotta into Software AG's other products and discuss how Terracotta technology will enhance Software AG's solutions.

Kraft Foods and Confiance: Selecting the Right Ingredients for Business Transformation at Kraft Foods

Typical transformation objectives focus on harmonizing processes, ensuring operational efficiency, or maximizing technology investment but often fail to reach their full potential. Learn how Kraft Foods partnered with Confiance to maximize the potential value using a process based approach. This presentation will provide an overview on the initiatives undertaken by Business and IS stakeholders using process based transformation with the ARIS platform, focusing in particular on the Enterprise Architecture group and their methodology. The presentation will explore the approach and outcomes that supported establishing a foundation for IS planning and Service, Business Process Standardization, and Business Driven IT Investments.

4:00 PM -
5:00 PM
Case Study - Siemens: Leveraging Your ERP to Achieve Business Process Excellence

As one of the world's largest corporations, Siemens is faced with the challenge of aligning many diverse viewpoints on business performance. And these challenges are most evident when it comes to business process management. Different stakeholders have different definitions of success, and even different viewpoints on process modeling – is it the beginning of the journey, or the end? Donald Dillon has helped tackle these challenges at Siemens Energy, aligning internal stakeholders around a common vision for process excellence. This session will outline the best practices they have implemented to realize their vision, and preview their next steps.

Case Study - Cox Communications: Our BPM Journey

Cox Communications has embarked on a comprehensive, multi-year journey to transform their business with Business Process Management. This presentation will provide an update on how they have progressed, the benefits they have achieved, and what they have learned.

Lowe's & iTKO: Optimize your webMethods SDLC & Delivery and Get Real SLA with Service Virtualization

As today's enterprise applications include more composite elements such as SOA, BPM and Cloud-based services, IT teams struggle to deliver needed software functionality against rapidly increasing complexity and change. The new technology of Service Virtualization, which captures and simulates the behavior, data and performance characteristics of unavailable or incomplete systems for unconstrained use in development and testing lifecycles, relieves these issues when applied with the right methodology.

Four key capabilities your organization should look for in a Service Virtualization approach can enable extended software dev & test teams to get high quality Software AG-powered applications to market faster, with dramatically lower cost and risk. This informative session will cover:

  • - How to provide software dev & test teams with a more Live-like environment
  • - Parallel development and testing strategies
  • - Virtualizing Test Data for out-of-scope systems
  • - Performance Testing against Virtual Labs

Customer examples of faster software delivery with lower cost and risk will be presented from three leading Software AG-based IT shops in Financial Services, Telecommunications and Retail industries.

Case Study - CenterPoint Energy: Creating and Exposing Web Services over Multiple Media

After a successful re-hosting of Natural/Adabas applications from the mainframe, CenterPoint Energy has been extending the modernization of these applications by exposing them as web services to clients such as mobile, laptop, desktop and other APIs. Exposure of the business logic is through a combination of EntireX, Web Services Stack, and wM ESB. The strategy for exposing these services and the discussion regarding the implementation is the focus of this presentation.

Product Roadmap: webMethods

Always a popular session, the webMethods Roadmap gives customers a sneak-peek into the future of webMethods. This session will recap the newest release of webMethods, and discuss the driving forces shaping future releases. It will also include a timetable for new capabilities and releases. Product Managers will participate in a live Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

Product Roadmap: ARIS

The need to understand how your business is running has never been greater. The ARIS product line is making monumental changes that will make it even easier to get the complete picture. This session will focus on our vision for the ARIS products and how they will evolve in the coming years.