The Internet of Things is changing the world, with people and smart machines connecting at dizzying levels. Thingalytics shows how the alchemy of real-time analytics and smart algorithms turns fast Big IoT Data into actionable gold nuggets.

What is Thingalytics?

Thingalytics by Dr. John Bates is the most powerful book written to date about the Internet of Things (IoT) that shows businesses how to take advantage of the fast Big Data that flows from the digital planet. Thingalytics, a composite of “Things” and “Analytics,” shows organizations how to use real-time analytics and algorithms to seize the opportunities that flow from IoT while simultaneously minimizing threats.
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Who is Dr. John Bates?

Dr. John Bates is a pioneer in the fields of the Internet of Things and Big Data Streaming Analytics and is widely recognized as being one of technology’s foremost innovators. Wall Street and Technology named John as one of the top ten “Innovators of the Decade” in 2011 and Institutional Investor listed him as one of the “Tech 50” most influential technologists in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
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Foreword by R "Ray" Wang

In the last century, we saw clear distinctions between the physical and the digital world. We have chipped away at these barriers with technologies in networking, unified communications, cloud, Big Data and analytics, social, mobile and of course the Internet of Things. The result—a confluence of traditionally inanimate objects tied to sensors and analytical ecosystems. In fact, every device enabled by a sensor and tied to a network takes us closer to the convergence of atoms and bits.
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“This book describes the zeitgeist of information technology today at the intersection of big data analytics and the change to a new information-empowered dynamism for consumers and businesses at all levels. Dr. John writes with a cadence and spirit that reflects his real life persona; he is a techie original...”
Adrian Bridgwater,
“It’s a must read!”
Dr. Britta A. Moeser, Founder and CEO of TRANSATLANTIC NET
"John Bates provides a compelling, comprehensive guide to this emerging technology trend."
Dennis McCafferty, Baseline
"Very informative and readable.”
Pete Harris, technology futurist
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