How to Get Real Value from Real-Time Logistics Data

Date: December 3, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM EST / 5:00 PM CET
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What would you do if you knew ...

  • One of your trucks has changed routes and will arrive late at the customer's site?
  • Two or more trucks in your fleet are headed in the same direction but neither is fully loaded?
  • One of your containers has been left at a port by a third-party logistics provider?

Manage these exceptions before they turn into problems for you and your customers.

Learn how to:

  • Gain full visibility and control of your logistic operations by using real-time event monitoring across your extended supply chain
  • Reduce risks, maximize efficiency and increase agility of your order-to-delivery process by using actionable intelligence and analytics

See how other companies are using real-time logistics data to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Gain insights from their order-to-delivery best practices.

Who should attend?

Supply chain and IT professionals who are interested in improving supply chain management, fleet & operation management and/or transportation & logistics management.

This webinar will be recorded. A few days after the session a link to the recorded version and a PDF of the presentation will be sent to everyone who registers.



Dr. Jürgen Krämer,
Vice President,
Complex Event Processing & Analytics,
Software AG

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