ARIS Process Performance Manager

Improve operational excellence.


Process Discovery & Analysis

Measure, analyze & visualize business processes

Take advantage of the next generation of process intelligence. ARIS PPM provides the crucial technology that organizations need to assess their historical processes in terms of speed, cost, quality and quantity. The tool continuously optimizes internal and external workflows.

Automated process discovery

ARIS PPM automatically generates a graphical representation of business workflows from the actual processes. To do this, process-relevant historical data is extracted from the operational IT systems and combined, making it possible to reconstruct each transaction from start to finish. Unlike process representations in modeling tools, the resulting process models are visualized not as they should be, but as they actually are.

Process discovery

Process benchmarking

You can use ARIS PPM for internal process benchmarking to compare various scenarios, such as regions, customer groups, sales organizations, product groups or any combination of these. This gives you the opportunity to compare historical key figures, such as throughput times and process costs in Region A vs. Region B, as well as the complexity and process structures that deliver these key figures.

Using this software-based comparison, you can identify best practices and specific optimization measures. As a result, you can discover weaknesses and failure models within the processes.


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See process monitoring results on a strategic graphical dashboard. You can combine the relevant KPIs from ARIS PPM and provide a concise, interactive management view of how internal workflows are currently performing. Helpful are interactive traffic lights, trend charts and signaled deviations from planned KPIs (time, cost, quality, quantity, risk).

Historical process analysis

The visualization of the discovered model is the basis for a structural analysis of the process, because it clearly shows which are the most important paths and activities in the process.

ARIS PPM offers an array of monitoring capabilities to discover process weaknesses (such as lengthy processing times and high costs) and problem causes. You can analyze process Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) via interactive filter components.

Based on live analytics, you can select process instances directly in the diagrams for drill-down and correlation purposes. At the same time, you can display comparison values at any time to include influencing factors in analysis.

Analysis in PPM 5

These capabilities help you locate process weaknesses and remove problem causes.

Communication & organizational analysis

Organizational analysis is a key requirement for optimizing workflows and structures in distributed enterprises. Reveal the relationships between organizational units and employees, and the connection between organizational structure and process execution, using activity and communication analysis capabilities.


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