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Software AG's Terracotta enables Digital Enterprises to access and store huge volumes of data in-memory, improving system performance many times over. Data can be accessed, analyzed and delivered from any data to any device—Web, mobile and POS—in real-time. Terracotta products include:

Terracotta BigMemoryThe world’s premier in-memory data management platform for achieving extremely low, predictable latency at any scale.
Terracotta Enterprise EhcacheGood news: BigMemory Max, Terracotta's leading in-memory data management platform, now includes all of the functionality of Enterprise Ehcache ... and much more. Terracotta now recommends BigMemory Max for organizations that might previously have considered Enterprise Ehcache. That's because with BigMemory Max you get Ehcache (most widely used standard caching API) plus all of the functionality previously offered in Enterprise Ehcache and the advantages of BigMemory, including off-heap data storage, the Terracotta Management Console and much more. For distributed in-memory data management (across multiple servers), get BigMemory Max.
Event Stream ProcessingContinuously analyze event streams, easily detect patterns or event sequences, and trigger appropriate actions in real-time.
Terracotta Quartz SchedulerProvides fast, flexible and reliable job execution. Can be integrated with or used alongside Java® applications.
Software AG Universal MessagingLow-latency universal messaging platform that guarantees message delivery across all mainstream enterprise, Web and mobile platforms.
Terracotta Web SessionsA fast, reliable Web sessions plug-in that delivers the scalability benefits of a stateless Web architecture without overloading your database or rewriting your application. Works with your favorite Web framework and your own custom session objects.