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Digital solutions for today’s smart, streamlined and citizen-focused government departments, agencies and authorities.

Get lean and efficient with a solution built on our Digital Government Platform:

  • • Trusted for 40+ years in the U.K.
  • • Best-in-class solutions proven at HMRC, Home Office, police, DFT and many local agencies
  • • Fast-start proof of value engagements, together with our service offerings and packaged solutions, available on G-Cloud 6 and other government procurement frameworks

Put citizens at the centre of your systems and processes

  • Gain a single view of citizen engagement across processes and channels
  • Reduce process errors and failures—for example, accurately assess entitlement
  • Centrally manage customer preferences and privacy protection—“tell us once”

Traditionally, government departments have been organised around the services they provide or the transactions they process. As a result, silos have grown up that prevent the effective provisioning of services, particularly when citizens consume many interrelated services.

A Software AG solution puts the citizen at the heart of your systems and processes. With our solution, you can overcome silos and gain a single, reliable and consistent source of data—whether on one citizen or an entire organisation—and use the same data across your applications.

Our solution features:

  • Data cleansing and matching
  • Address verification and geocoding
  • Governance-based, hierarchy management with support for multiple hierarchical structures
  • A process-driven approach to Master Data Management (MDM) to maximize process improvement
  • Comprehensive integration support for enterprise standards, including Java® DataBase Connectivity (JDBC®) support, flat files, messaging, API/RESTful Web services and Java® Message Service (JMS) handling
  • Support for a highly collaborative, rules-driven workflow/approval process and external workflow, including BPM
  • A true multi-domain MDM platform so you can manage citizen, service and reference data
  • Support for a wide range of MDM implementation styles

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