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Truffle Capital announces that Germany’s Rhine-Main-Neckar region remains Europe’s software industry powerhouse

Published: 11/18/2010

  • Truffle Capital announces the second edition of its « Truffle 100 » European Clusters, the ranking of Europe's leading regions for the software industry
  • Germany's Rhine-Main-Neckar region remains Europe's "Silicon Valley"
  • South East England including Greater London is ranked 2nd ahead of the Paris region which is now 3rd
  • The United Kingdom has a total of 3 regions in the top 5.

Truffle Capital, a European private equity firm, today published the second edition of its "Truffle 100 European Clusters" ranking of Europe's top 40 regions for the software industry. Companies based in Germany’s Rhine-Main-Neckar region accounted for 40% of the worldwide revenue generated by Europe’s top 100 vendors. The study highlighted the major role played by the region marking it as Europe’s "Silicon Valley". South East England and the Paris region were second and third respectively. This mapping is based on the results of the 2009 "Truffle 100 Europe" survey performed with the support of Mrs Neelie Kroes (European Commissioner for the Information Society and Media and in collaboration with analysts firms IDC (www.idc.com) and CXP (www.cxp.fr). The Truffle Cluster rankings were announced at a joint Truffle & Software AG press conference in Brussels with the support of Rainer Zimmerman of the EU Commission, Prof Lutz Heuser of Germany’s Software-Cluster and Dominique Potier of the Paris Region Systems and ICT Cluster and are available at http://www.truffle100.com/2010/software-clusters-in-europe.php.

Commented Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of Software AG, “We have taken tremendous strides in further establishing the Software-Cluster in Rhine-Main-Neckar as a major drive of industry policy. Government, at both regional and national levels, has been very receptive to and supportive of our cluster activities. This has resulted in a €80 million investment in the development of future emergent software technologies in the region. Further international recognition of the Rhine-Main-Neckar region can only help our initiatives”.

Such political support is not uniform across Europe according to Truffle Capital co-founder Bernard-Louis Roques: "The Truffle 100 survey of European Clusters reveals the magnitude of the challenges facing Europeans when it comes to the development of Technology Clusters capable of competing on the international stage and able to emulate Silicon Valley, the Boston region and their likes. Only 5 regions have revenues above €1 bn: 1 in Germany (Rhine-Main-Neckar), 3 in the UK (South-East England including London, NE England and E England) and 1 in France (Ile de France including Paris). While Rhine-Main-Neckar maintains its lead, thanks to 2 major international vendors, SAP and Software AG, South-East England was able to grab 2nd place, and close the gap on the leader, owing its impressive dynamic performance of several flagship vendors including Sage, Autonomy, Misys, and Microfocus.

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