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Apama 9.12

Streaming analytics for the Digital Enterprise.

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Apama 9.12:

What’s new in the world's #1 streaming analytics platform

Apama is the market-leading platform for building applications that monitor, analyze and act on vast, fast-moving data streams. Apama supports predictive analytics so you can identify significant events and take actions before they occur. For instance, you can better predict when maintenance should happen to fix equipment before it fails. This capability is ideal for predictive maintenance, smart logistics, smart store monitoring, fraud detection as well as Internet of Things and “connected customer applications.”

With Apama 9.12, you’ll benefit from many technical improvements:

  • Integration with Software AG digital event services
  • Universal Messaging integration using connectivity plug-ins
  • Connectivity plug-in enhancements make developing using connectivity plug-ins significantly easier
  • Apama queries enhancements
  • “Optional” data type added to EPL allowing values to be identified as empty
  • Decimal data type support extended to allow use within data views, dashboards and plug-ins
  • Dashboard user interfaces enhanced with the addition of a Tab Control object
  • Software AG Command Central integration extended to enable many more management tasks from a browser
  • Capital markets adapters extended with a new adapter for connecting to EBS Direct using the FIX 4.4 protocol
  • Capital markets adapters upgraded and enhanced for EBS Ai, Reuters MAPI and CME iLink

Try the Apama Community Edition for a free and easy way to get started using Apama. The Apama Core Community Edition delivers a lightweight Apama for Intel® and ARM that can be re-distributed.

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