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Accelerate deployment of algorithmic trading applications with Apama Streaming Analytics.

Create, deploy and manage unique algorithmic trading strategies:

  • • Microsecond response times remain consistent at extreme scale
  • • Hybrid buy-and-build accelerates your time-to-value
  • • Rich library of adapters, trading and risk services speed up deploymentt

Key Benefits

  • Rely on an analyst-recognized platform
    • Apama is recognized as the most complete streaming analytics platform—event processing, messaging, in-memory data management and visualization combined
  • Scale as needed at top performance
    • Apama delivers microsecond response times at extreme scale
    • Apama’s use of LLVM means it can execute complex algorithmic trading complex operations faster than C or Java®
  • Do more with less
    • Re-use Apama’s development platform coupled and extensive capital markets services library across business lines
  • Get there faster
    • Apama’s hybrid buy-and-build accelerates time-to-value
    • Rich out-of-the-box capabilities and an extensive range of adapters speed up deployment

Apama: The recognized leader in streaming analytics for algorithmic

Apama: The recognized leader in streaming analytics for algorithmic trading

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