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State & Local Government - Public Utilities

Provide utilities quickly, efficiently and accurately!

Leverage information and improve efficiencies like never before:

  • • Manage distributed renewable energy resources
  • • Detect and resolve energy theft issues
  • • Perform real time T&D event correlation
  • • Perform conditioned based asset maintenance
  • • Cohesively integrate IT and OT systems for robust energy analytics

Key Benefits

  • With RTO/ISO integration, you can:
    • Act in real time
    • Orchestrate processes
    • Exchange data in real time data with market operators
  • With distributed generation management, you can:
    • Act in real time
    • Get information from remote equipment
    • Understand right-time conditions
    • Forecast renewables
  • Use an Energy Analytics Bus for:
    • Regulatory reporting
    • Reducing energy theft
    • Smart meter and system’s integration
    • Transformer load management
    • Improving analytical capabilities
    • Harnessing an abundance of information
    • Understanding right-time conditions
    • Managing legacy systems
    • Information needed from remote equipment
  • Predictive Maintenance helps you with:
    • Lack of expertise around predictive modeling
    • Lack of analytical capabilities
    • Understanding right-time conditions
    • Information needed from all equipment