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Agile Processes for Oil and Gas: Weather the market more effectively.

Discover, redesign and refine complex business processes in oil and gas—increase agility by using:

  • • End-to-end process discovery and modeling tools
  • • Performance analysis and management tools
  • • Business process re-engineering and management tools

Key Benefits

  • End-to-end business process discovery and modeling tools
    • Automatically discover and model existing process
    • Identify variances between designed and executed processes
  • Performance analysis and management tools
    • Analyze historical processes for areas of inefficiency
    • Discover what, how and why processes operate as they do through process-driven root-cause analysis
    • Identify who is affected by inefficient processes
    • Discover which processes are operating effectively and understand what’s driving the KPIs
    • Discover where changes to training rather than re-engineering will deliver process improvements
  • Process re-engineering and management tools
    • Prioritize re-engineering efforts to gain maximal operational control
    • Execute re-engineering efforts in an organized manner
    • Determine correlation between system, training or process changes and realized results

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