Leveraging the UCF with ARIS GRC

Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Time: 11 a.m. EST / 5 p.m. CET (check local time)

What You Will Learn

Need to comply with different compliance regulations, standards and guidelines? The process can be painful and expensive when stakeholders work in silos and duplicate efforts. To remedy this, Software AG has integrated the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF) with its market-leading ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Management Platform. Learn how this integration helps you streamline work, simplify regulations requirements, provide internal and external transparency, and better manage and mitigate risks.

Key topics

  • Using a common set of controls to map to all regulations and policy mandates
  • Integration of UCF with ARIS—how it works and how you benefit
  • Leveraging the UCF framework to manage IT GRC processes


Craig Isaacs

Craig Isaacs
Network Frontiers (Unified Compliance Framework)

Craig Isaacs is CEO of Unified Compliance, creators of the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF), the cornerstone of IT compliance. The UCF transforms a massive compilation of compliance data into a single set of straightforward requirements that clearly show the many points where global, state, and industry regulations overlap. Ultimately, the UCF reduces expenses, limits liability, and leverages the value of compliance-related technologies and services across the enterprise


Michiel Jorna
Director Global GRC Business Development
Software AG

Michiel Jorna is Director Global Business Development at Software AG and responsible for the developments and deepening of Software AG's Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Solutions. He has led many very innovative and successful implementation projects in international settings providing him credible background to support Software AG's sales effort and thought leadership amongst Customers.




Who Should Attend?

  • IT risk managers
  • IT auditors

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