webMethods Upgrade

Date: May 7, 2014

Time:11:00-11:45 (check local time)

What you will learn

Our software is great, but it's just not good enough. It might sound strange from a market leader, but we will never think it will be good enough for you Mr./Mrs. Customer, and it is that passion that has made us market leader in the first place.

The passion for improvements and to find ways to accelerate your business is our driver. We are continuously listening to you in the development process and offer you upgrades in order for you to stay on top. We are market leaders, and so are many of our customers. Standing on the front line means breaking barriers, doing the impossible, being innovative. On that journey our software will be your best friend. Upgrading is a part of that journey and for us it's about offering you the very best that we have  - the continuous results of our passion.

With this webinar we offer you the possibility to do what you do best - your business, and to use our experts to support your upgrade in order to get it right from the start - fast, smooth, passionate. Reduce risk and accelerate efficiency.

Welcome to join this webinar with focus on how our Global Consulting Services can support you and add value to your business.

Agenda for the webinar:

  • Why upgrade?
  • What to expect?
  • GCS - Your upgrade partner

Warm welcome
Claudia Mönch Ottosson
Director Consulting Services, Software AG Nordic
+46 709 10 01 82


Derek Christie
Senior Business Architect
Software AG
Eddie Farish
Global Consulting Services
Software AG

Who should attend

Our current webMethods customers who would like to secure a smooth an efficient upgrade to webMethods 9.6, and who would like to learn how the upgrade process together with Software AG Global Consulting Services looks like.

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