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Software AG's ARIS offers a truly collaborative process improvement environment. Make your processes transparent, controlled, manageable and agile. Business and IT get the tools they need to collaborate for true end-to-end business and IT improvement, guided by governance. ARIS also enables enterprises to confidently meet internal and external legal requirements and standards while efficiently managing risks. Products include:

ARIS Architect & ARIS DesignerFlagship ARIS products used to create, analyze, manage and administer the whole enterprise model, from strategy over business processes to information architectures, application landscapes and services.
ARIS AwareImprove the transparency of your enterprise and drive better decisions based on powerful visualizations of reliable data analytics.
ARIS Business StrategyBridge the gap between your strategy and operations with easy-to-use modeling capabilities as well as collaboration support and strategy communication. Put your strategy to work!
ARIS CloudWith ARIS Cloud, organizations can design, analyze, share and collaboratively improve processes in the cloud. ARIS Cloud is available in three editions—basic, advanced and enterprise.
ARIS ConnectProvides individual user perspectives combined with social networking capabilities that allow people to contribute to process improvement based on their unique skills and experiences.
ARIS Enterprise ArchitectureEnables the documentation of an enterprise architecture to analyze and harmonize  IT environments. An extension pack for ARIS Architect & Designer.
ARIS for ArchiMate®*Used to define and analyze process and IT landscapes by combining ARIS with the ArchiMate® framework. An extension pack for ARIS Design Server.
ARIS for DMSUsed to access and exchange data between the ARIS repository and a Document Management System (DMS) such as Microsoft® SharePoint®. An extension pack for ARIS Architect & Designer.
ARIS for SAP SolutionsComplete SAP projects quickly and successfully while bridging the gap between business and IT.
ARIS for TOGAF®*Enables companies to define and build enterprise architectures that are compliant with TOGAF® specifications. An extension pack for ARIS Design Server.
ARIS IT InventoryGives enterprises a structured way to maintain application, technology and project information. An extension pack for ARIS Architect and Designer.
ARIS Mobile/API AccessLeverage ARIS capabilities and content for mobile use and create your own ARIS applications (mobile and non-mobile) for innovative enterprise use cases.
ARIS Process GovernanceLets you establish enterprise-wide policies for BPM and automate governance processes using a model-driven approach. An extension pack for ARIS Architect.
ARIS Process Performance ManagerUsed to monitor and analyze the performance and structure of business processes automatically to identify best practices and specific optimization measures.
ARIS PublisherUsed to create role based portals for easy access to information on processes and IT architectures. An extension pack for ARIS Architect & Designer.
ARIS Risk & Compliance ManagerUsed to implement and efficiently operate an enterprise-wide compliance and risk management system.
ARIS SimulationEnables simulation and analysis of business processes. An extension pack for ARIS Architect.
ARIS UML DesignerEnables business and IT to use the same standard Unified Modeling Language (UML) to take processes from models to application execution.
ARIS ViewerA single license to view ARIS repository contents on all information in ARIS Publisher, to access and maintain IT system attributes in ARIS IT Inventory, and to manage ARIS Process Governance tasks using a browser.
MashZone NextGen Business AnalyticsThis self-service, real-time data visualization tool combines data from different applications to create dashboards, which can be displayed on any device.
Model-to-ExecuteAligns architecture, design and implementation of business solutions with ARIS and webMethods BPMS.

*ArchiMate and TOGAF are registered trademarks of The Open Group.