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Software AG’s webMethods enables you to quickly integrate systems, partners, data, devices and SaaS applications. webMethods products span agile applications, API management, business process management, integration and operational intelligence. webMethods products include:

CentraSiteRegistry and repository designed to increase re-use of assets to accelerate and guide development of new business processes and services. Used for enterprise architecture management, API management and SOA governance.
MashZone NextGen Business AnalyticsThis self-service, real-time data visualization tool combines data from different applications to create dashboards, which can be displayed on any device.
Model-to-ExecuteAligns architecture, design and implementation of business solutions with ARIS and webMethods BPMS.
Software AG Command CentralCentralizes administration, configuration and monitoring of webMethods environments for on-premise and public and private cloud implementations, improving consistency and reducing risk.
Software AG Universal MessagingLow-latency universal messaging platform that guarantees message delivery across all mainstream enterprise, Web and mobile platforms.
webMethods ActiveTransferSets up and manages file transfers. Enables enterprises to securely send and receive files of any size both internally and externally.
webMethods AdaptersIntegrates existing applications, such as SAP® and .NET, without coding. Used with webMethods Integration Server.
webMethods AgileAppsDeliver process-driven situational and case management applications that enable you to quickly respond to changing business and customer needs.
webMethods API GatewaySecurely expose your APIs to third-party developers, partners and other consumers for use in web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. With webMethods API Gateway you can easily create APIs, define Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies, and seamlessly publish your APIs to webMethods API-Portal.
webMethods API-PortalPromote and document your REST and SOAP APIs. Manage access to your APIs. Collect analytics to better understand your visitors and how they are using your APIs. With webMethods API Cloud, Software AG's API portal is now available as a hosted service.
webMethods ApplinXTransforms screen-based programs into modern Web interfaces without touching existing code.
webMethods Business Process Management Suite (BPMS)Allows organizations to develop, execute and monitor business solutions that combine process automation and workflow management capabilities. Add-on tools incorporate monitoring, real-time events, rules management and more.
webMethods BrokerProvides a high-speed messaging backbone and works with webMethods Integration Server. Guarantees message delivery.
webMethods Business RulesAllows stakeholders to define and change rules that drive processes. An add-on tool for webMethods BPMS.
webMethods CloudStreamsEnables integration of SaaS applications, such as Salesforce.com®, with other SaaS applications or on-premise applications. Provides consumption governance and monitoring capabilities.
webMethods ConnecXIntegrates enterprise data with existing and new applications by providing real-time, SQL-based access to relational and non-relational data sources.
webMethods Content Service Platform (CSP)Integrated with the webMethods Business Process Management Suite to rapidly integrate unstructured content from various sources and to leverage it seamlessly in any process application. An add-on tool for webMethods BPMS.
webMethods Designer WorkstationSimplifies the development of webMethods projects by providing a local webMethods run-time environment and integrating Designer with VCS systems.
webMethods DevOps EditionAssure continuous integration and testing in your DevOps initiatives. Create and edit code on your desktop or laptop without connecting to a central shared server.
webMethods Enterprise GatewaySecures and manages the connectivity between mobile applications, external APIs and services and internal enterprise resources so companies can quickly build secure enterprise-grade mobile apps.
webMethods EntireXTurns existing application functions into new high-value business services using true bi-directional service wrapping.
webMethods eStandardsProvides fast and easy adoption of industry standards for B2B integration. An add-on tool for webMethods Trading Networks.
webMethods InsightProvides real-time visibility into service transactions across any system. Used for SOA governance and API management.
webMethods Integration CloudThis integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that empowers your subject matter experts and eliminates integration silos. You can seamlessly integrate applications hosted in public or private clouds, as well as applications hosted on premises.
webMethods Integration ServerA standards-based enterprise service bus that integrates technologies from any vendor, including ERP systems, databases, mainframes and legacy apps, SaaS platforms, Web services, Java® Message Service and packaged apps. Can be used with webMethods BPMS or webMethods Trading Networks.
webMethods JISFormerly known as Jacada® Interface Server. One of the world’s leading automated Web-enablement solutions.
webMethods MediatorService intermediary that enforces the run-time policies created in CentraSite. Used in enterprise architecture management and API management.
webMethods Mobile SuiteEnables you to rapidly extend your existing applications and processes to mobile devices and manage the full mobile app life cycle conveniently.
webMethods OneDataReconciles, cleanses and synchronizes enterprise master data for multiple subject areas including products, customers, suppliers, hierarchy data, reference data and metadata.
webMethods Operational IntelligenceBased on a consistent event-driven architecture, this product integrates best-of-breed technologies from existing Software AG products for process and data analytics into a single offering with a novel business-user interface.
webMethods Optimize for B2BOffers real-time insight into transactions and trends with trading partners. An add-on tool for webMethods Trading Networks.
webMethods Optimize for InfrastructureOffers real-time insight into the performance of Adabas, Natural, ApplinX, EntireX, webMethods Integration Server and webMethods Broker.
webMethods Optimize for ProcessProvides real-time monitoring, alerting and analytics for process KPIs.
webMethods Partner ServerOffers a solution to integrate small-to-midsize business partners for B2B document exchanges.
webMethods TaminoThe industry’s first native XML server. An ideal platform for efficiently managing both structured and unstructured data.
webMethods Trading NetworksA scalable, easy-to-manage gateway that consolidates B2B transactions and connects enterprises with trading partners of all sizes. Used with webMethods Integration Server.