You’re one step away from test-driving the best software in the world. Choose either Cloud, on-premises, or both types of software. See for yourself how the world’s first Digital Business Platform can connect anything— your software, apps, social media, devices, people and process—in the Cloud or on-premises. Connects it all—your software, apps, devices and people—in the cloud and on-premises.


AgileApps Cloud Free Trial

Try webMethods AgileApps Cloud, an easy-to-use application PaaS that enables businesses to visually model and quickly deliver a process-driven, situational and case management application. All applications built on AgileApps Cloud are instantly accessible on mobile devices and come with pre-built integration across communications channels and social networks.

ARIS Cloud Basic Free Trial

Get a free four-week trial to test-drive ARIS Cloud Basic. The free trial version includes two ARIS Cloud Basic designer seats and five ARIS Cloud Basic viewer seats. If you decide to buy ARIS Cloud, you can leverage the content you created during your free trial.

Cumulocity Free Trial

Connect your “things” over any network in minutes. The open, application-centric Cumulocity IoT platform effortlessly connects and manages machines and easily scales to link millions of devices.

webMethods API Cloud Free Trial

Our API Management-as-a-Service makes it easy to manage and expose APIs to developers and partners. You get a secure API gateway, a developer portal for collaboration, a way to monetize your APIs, and analytics to see where to make improvements. See what you can do with webMethods API Cloud.

webMethods Integration Cloud Free Trial

Ready to take your integrations to the cloud? This integration PaaS enables cloud-to-cloud integration and seamlessly connects with private cloud or on-premises enterprise service bus installations.


Adabas Free Trial

Get to know the most comprehensive database management solution you’ll find anywhere: Adabas. Adabas is designed for maximum flexibility, ease of use and delivering the fastest transaction levels on the planet. It provides you with a complete set of utilities for all administration purposes. For a carefree administration use the Adabas Manager which is part of the package.

Apama Community Edition

Learn how you can develop and deploy streaming analytics applications for free. The Apama Community Edition allows anyone who wants to learn about streaming analytics to download Apama without charge, build their own streaming analytics applications and put those applications into production.

BigMemory Free Trial

BigMemory is the world’s premier distributed in-memory management solution for extremely low, predictable latency at any scale. Nothing else goes this big and this fast! Download the 90-day trial of BigMemory today. 

CONNX Data Integration Free Trial

Software AG’s CONNX provides secure, real-time read/write SQL data access and integration. CONNX gets you in so you can get your data out and get down to business—fast—no matter what your database architecture.

NaturalONE Free Trial

This easy-to-learn programming language is trusted by enterprises around the world. Now it’s better than ever, packaged with powerful tools that enable SOA and Web services with full support of open-source environments and rich Internet applications. Imagine being able to open up key information to clients and partners without major redevelopment—all from one simple, intuitive development platform.

Natural Community Edition Free Trial

Natural is an easy-to-learn programming language trusted by enterprises around the world. Now it’s better than ever, packaged with powerful tools that enable SOA and Web services with full support of open-source environments and rich Internet applications. Imagine being able to open up key information to clients and partners without major redevelopment - all from one simple, intuitive development platform.

Universal Messaging Free Trial

Universal Messaging is a single solution for high-performance, low-latency messaging across a wide array of delivery channels, including all mainstream enterprise, Web and mobile platforms. Try it for free for 90 days.

webMethods BPMS Free Trial

Try out the leading BPMS. See how you can quickly create dynamic business applications to provide control and visibility for the business.

webMethods Integration Free Trial

webMethods integrates on-premise applications like SAP® solutions with cloud-based apps like® faster than any other integration platform. Experience webMethods for yourself in this free trial.

webMethods Mobile Suite

Download webMethods Mobile Suite today to see how to rapidly extend your business applications and processes to mobile devices.

Web Sessions Free Trial

Terracotta Web Sessions is the fast, reliable way to get the scalability benefits of a stateless Web architecture without overloading your database or rewriting your application. Web Sessions is a product of Terracotta, a Software AG company.

Zementis Predictive Analytics

Make insight-driven decisions across your enterprise. Deploy artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics models based on open standards. With Zementis Predictive Analytics, you can glean real-time insights from any amount of data, anywhere, anytime, to make informed business decisions

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