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Software AG Professional Services is the project services division of Software AG. Customers trust on us when using Software AG’s Digital Business Platform to develop their digital future. Our consulting teams are spread around the globe, working together with our customers in exciting projects with new challenges every day. We empower our customers to master their Digital Transformation and to become successful leaders in IoT and Digital Business.

We are looking for different talent who want to be part of an innovative and global environment. Unlimited opportunities are waiting for you to develop your career, independent if you are coming directly from University or if you have decades of experience already.

Our teams are located all around the globe, with different competencies and expertise. See, which vacancies we currently have for you in your area.

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Reach your potential with us and join a Winning Team!

When you start your career at Software AG Global Consulting Services, you will have countless opportunities to get involved personally in exciting projects and help us lead the digital revolution.

It is not just your job itself that gives you a good reason to work for us. What comes with the job is impressive, too.

At Software AG we understand that having motivated and committed employees is key to achieving excellent performance. In addition to compensation packages designed to motivate and reward performance, Software AG provides highly competitive benefits programs that help you have what you want in life: personal and professional growth opportunities, security for your future, and time to enjoy it all with family and friends.

  • Global career development
  • Continuous development in education and knowledge
  • Predefined career paths fitting to your personal profile
  • Gain the most expertise and insides; you work at the manufacturer itself
  • State of the art IT and work environment including computer hardware and mobile phone
  • Additional benefits such as trust work time, excellent work-life-balance etc.

Could this be your next career step? Find our current vacancies here:

Current Vacancies

Employee stories from Consulting Services

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David Poland, Principal Consultant

“My favorite part of this job is getting to meet and build rewarding relationships with our clients. Learning about their industry, helping them overcome obstacles, and refining how they do business is very rewarding for me”

Learn more about David Poland: Contact Software AG HR to ask a question to David Poland


Sanja Oberle, Senior Consultant webMethods Process Solutions

“I'm feeling to be at home in IT and business world. Customer, tasks, circumstances and teams are changing with every new project. This is why I love my job - it is challenging, exciting and rich in variety!”

Learn more about Sanja Oberle: Contact Software AG HR to ask a question to Sanja Oberle
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