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CrossVista Inc. is a provider of application integration services and integration acceleration tools including CrossVista TEAM Server. TEAM Server is the only enterprise-class Version Control and Change/Configuration/Release Management solution built specifically for Software AG’s webMethods Suite of products.
The CrossVista integration approach enables customers to achieve fast results on their integration investment by using methods, tools and integration experts with strong operational focus. CrossVista will enable your company to deliver webMethods projects faster, with a higher level quality, and at a lower cost.

CrossVista TEAM Server for webMethods

Scriptless DevOps for webMethods

"Platform-Integrated" DevOps for webMethods

  • Out-of-the-box platform-integrated DevOps cycles: CI, feature based, agile
  • Integrated version control, ticketing, testing & governance for webMethods
  • Extend webMethods DevOps process to/from ARIS, Alfabet, CentraSite & more
  • Support for SubVersion, TFS, Git, GitHub, StarTeam, and more
  • Support for Jira, ClearQuest, HPQualityCenter, Rally, and more
  • Support for managing the DevOps lifecycle (code or config changes) on Integration Server, Broker, BPM, Optimize, MyWebMethods, Trading Networks, Universal Messaging, CentraSite ActiveSOA and more

Features and Benefits

Full Auditability With TEAM Server for webMethods, you know who, when, what changes are made to your system at any point in time from Dev thru to Production.
Cut down on troubleshooting Because CrossVista tracks, manages, and audits all of the changes (code or configuration) on your webMethods projects, users can spend less time troubleshooting issues caused by the wrong code and/or configuration being deployed... or overwriting another developer's code.
Faster and more efficient development lifecycle Developers do not have to spend as much time trying to figure out who has developed what, if they are developing from the proper baseline, or waiting for another developer to finish with a piece of code. Developers can work on their own timetable with the confidence that all of their changes are tracked by TEAM Server and they have complete visibility into any relevant changes added to the code base.
Out-of-box Scriptless DevOps Flows CrossVista TEAM Server includes out-of-box (yet fully customizable) "Platform-Integrated" Scriptless Devops flows for managing your webMethods lifecycle. We offer templates for Continuous Integration, Agile, Feature-Based Development, and more.
Automate Testing using SoftwareAG's GCS Test Tool, IBM GreenHat, and more CrossVista ships with fully-customizable automation workflows which provide for automated testing using SoftwareAG's GCS Test Tool and IBM GreenHat. These flows can be easily customized to support other tools such as ParaSoft's SOATest.
Automatically update your webMethods project info in Alfabet TEAM Server for webMethods can be used to automatically load webMethods project specific details into Alfabet for reporting purposes.
No platform specific scripts required Other "DevOps" solutions require the implementation and maintenance of complex scripts which become an application in and of themselves. CrossVista is tightly integrated to webMethods and is designed to manage webMethods objects. As such, no scripts are required.
Fewer bugs in production CrossVista TEAM Server deploys changes within the correct "context" of the webMethods code and configuration that is currently on your production system. This means you can have confidence that developers have developed fixes and/or features within the context of what is currently on the production environment. You can be sure that Testers have tested the changes against a baseline environment that is exactly a mirror of production. Finally, you can be sure that you actually deployed what you "thought" you deployed. This is all done as part of a managed, end-to-end process.
Platform-Integrated Version Control for webMethods Out-of-box "platform-integrated" Version Control support for SoftwareAG's webMethods product suite including webMethods Integration Server, Broker, Trading Networks, Optimize, MyWebMethods, BPM, Universal Messaging, and more. Store assets in SubVersion, CVS, ClearCase, Microsoft TFS, Borland Starteam, Git, GitHub, Crossvista's internal VCS, and more.
Integrated Ticketing Support Out-of-box support for multiple ticketing solutions including Jira, ClearQuest, HPQualityCenter, Rally, CrossVista's internal ticketing, and more.
Automatically update your CentraSite assets TEAM Server for webMethods can be used to automatically update all of your CentraSite assets as part of an end-to-end managed DevOps process.
Seamless Integration to other DevOps Tools (i.e. Jenkins, IBM UrbanCode, etc.) Crossvista's robust API makes it easy to extend CrossVista's DevOps process to/from third party DevOps tools such as Jenkins, IBM UrbanCode, CA Release manager, and more.



CrossVista TEAM Server Scriptless DevOps for Enterprise Applications

An overview of CrossVista TEAM Server and it's "Scriptless" DevOps Engine for managing change from Development thru Operations on enterprise applications like SoftwareAG webMethods, Informatica PowerCenter, IBM WebSphere,, and more.

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