syracom is an owner-operated consultancy company specialized in development and design of efficient business processes. As business efficiency engineers syracom accompanies customers in the digital transformation of their business processes along the entire value-added chain. With solid business knowledge and expertise in IT implementations, the company develops tailored solutions for large and medium-sized customers in various industries. The company covers a broad spectrum of consulting tasks, aiming at fully integrating client business strategies and business processes through flexible and demand-driven IT solutions: business efficiency engineering for excellent business processes. syracom was founded in 1998 and is part of Consileon Group.

PINQ Case Management

Efficient handling of inquiries for financial companies

Rapid resolution of payment-related inquiries and claims

Syracom’s Process INQuiries Management System (PINQ) provides an automated case management solution for payment inquiries and claims. PINQ offers financial services providers a central platform for efficiently processing payment exceptions caused by missing data, payment amendments, cancellations or other unforeseen events. PINQ is powered by Software AG’s Digital Business Platform.

Rapid resolution of payment-related inquiries and claims

Features and Benefits

Significant cost reduction, faster processing times, little personnel drain
PINQ processes queries mostly automatically: In one of our reference implementations we were able to reduce costs by 33% in this way. PINQ makes rapid query processing possible by using straight-through-processing (STP). The automatic routing of queries and replies accelerates processing times significantly. The integration platform secures the easy linking of back office systems.
Fully automated processes
PINQ provides optimized operation processes for handling queries. Productivity is significantly increased and the process is continuously monitored.
PINQ Case Management delivers flexible inquiry forwarding and routing mechanism between front and back offices. PINQ enables the automation of processes and case distribution up to facilitating the volume of inquiries. PINQ also features business activity monitoring of processes, service levels and KPIs.
Standardized communications PINQ standardizes communications and processes for rapid handling of inquiries and management of cases. Whether messaging via SWIFT or other digital communications, an increased number of inquiries can be routed to the correct source within an organization. Unique case referencing allocates all messages relating to a given case and archives them for later by audit teams.
Improved risk management and integrated adherence to legal requirements The rule-oriented automation of PINQ controls processes, reduces error rates, and prevents operational risks. Using standard solutions minimizes project risks and reduces down-time. The SWIFT label gives you additional reassurance: "SWIFT Ready Application Exceptions and Investigations".
Flexible configuration possibilities
PINQ offers a tailor-made solution for all requirements of a query management system and can be integrated individually. Thus it is the right solution for all types of companies.
PINQ can easily be adapted to changes in the company structure. Functions and processes are configured according to needs. The license model makes it possible to add clients without any further restrictions.
Platform independent PINQ is platform-independent and offers a Web-based user interface. Its architecture is completely service oriented. The underlying integration platform, Software AG’s webMethods, considerably simplifies the interface to and between existing back-office systems using adapters, such as MQSeries®, Web services, EDIFACT, FIX, email, SWIFT via MERVA®, WBI FN or SAA. This ensures PINQ can support inquiry and complaint processes from various departments, such as payments, securities or investment banking. The solution models complex, multi-stakeholder organizational structures to grant appropriate access and configuration. Process and core data can be managed as easily as client-dependent fee and terms structures. Further, since PINQ is highly intuitive, introducing it to a company is as smooth as the case management workflows themselves. By using PINQ, costs for integration, operation and adaptation are reduced by more than 50 percent.


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