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For United Vanning, innovation is not about creating a new patented software. It’s about searching out the fastest route to return on investment, creating the best leverage on already existing systems, or replacing an outdated system with minimal disturbance to an on-going business. It’s about achieving the greatest possible impact – through technology and creative solutions that are maintainable and reusable.

Internet of Things for Utilities

Continuous Innovation for Utilities

Telemetry: The Internet of Things for utilities

In utilities an end-to-end perspective is crucial for understanding where the real benefits of telemetry use lie, as well as an understanding of how to deal with the impact that the introduction of telemetry systems will have.

 Telemetry: The Internet of Things for utilities

Features and Benefits

IoT for utilities equals telemetry, and it can be used to:
  • Predict the maintenance of equipment
  • Track assets, people and vehicles
  • Alarm on and control temperature, humidity, lights and so on to more effectively operate, run and maintain machinery and buildings
  • Avoid accidents by using sensors for changes in pressure, wear, movement, fire and water, for example
  • Trace collections of data on behavior and performance
New management mechanisms A new domain of systems is required to support telemetry-related tasks:
  • Tracking where a sensor is physically installed and geographically located
  • Managing devices/sensors
  • Ensuring the connectivity of the device or sensor, often where there is no obvious network connectivity and often for sensors that must be mobile
  • Capturing and responding to the alarms, events and triggers generated by the devices and sensors
  • Collecting of data continuously on performance, which dramatically increases the volume of data to be managed
  • Ensuring security from the sensor/device to the back-end monitoring systems is critical in the utilities industry
Cost-effective implementation
United Vanning can help you find the best business case for using telemetry. Experience at United Vanning indicates that a wide gap separates an understanding of the principles and benefits associated with a telemetry infrastructure and an understanding of how best to implement a telemetry infrastructure in a cost efficient manner.


White paper Continuous Innovation for Utilities: Where to Start?

United Vanning Consulting helps companies make use of opportunities based on telemetry through a structured approach.

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Overview Telemetry: The Internet of Things for utilities

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