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Validating PrEstoCloud against real scenarios

Darmstadt, Germany, Wednesday, October 11, 2017

PrEstoCloud, an H2020 research project funded by the European Commission over a period of three years, targets a new software architecture platform that works in a dynamic and distributed way and manages cloud and fog resources proactively, while reaching the extreme edge of the network for efficient real-time Big Data processing. The research consortium has just met in Dubrovnik to validate the PrEstoCloud objectives against real Big Data application scenarios and to define the associated business KPIs.

The consortium unites a total of eleven partner organizations from industry and research, working on the efficient exploitation of infrastructural resources from mobile edge devices to the clouds. The aim is to improve cloud infrastructures in order to cope with Big Data applications. The project was officially launched on January 1, 2017, and will run for three years. Software AG has been entrusted with the project leadership as well as the commercializing of the PrEstoCloud offering.

When the PrEstoCloud research consortium members met face-to-face in Dubrovnik, it reached a joint understanding between all project partners regarding the setting of the business use cases under investigation. Focusing on different scenarios will ensure that the envisioned software platform is validated against varying business needs such as cost-efficiency, spatio-temporal and response-time related business requirements. What they all have in common is the inflow of Big Data streams from static or mobile edge devices challenging cloud infrastructures by their ever-changing velocity, volume and data variety. 

  1. The “Big Data Media” scenario combines consumer and producer feeds and offers personalized and flexible service; for example, on-the-spot freelance reporting of a big sporting event will be combined with traditional news, as well as news feeds from social media, in real-time. PrEstoCloud will enable cost optimization of the technical infrastructure and an extended real-time media offering.
  2. The “Big Data Logistics” application addresses real-time needs from large logistics companies which aim to monitor their fleet and entrusted goods. PrEstoCloud will reduce insurance costs while increasing safety on the road. 
  3. The “Big Data Surveillance” application covers the supervision of special areas like public urban places by camera clusters and drones. PrEstoCloud will enable the evaluation of Big Data video streams in real time in order to ensure instant threat detection and automatic alerts, in accordance with the new European data protection regulations.  

The cost- and time-efficient management of varying Big Data streams requires a dynamic, distributed, self-adaptive and proactively configuring architecture that will be provided by PrEstoCloud. The PrEstoCloud software platform will be offered to Big Data service providers who need to optimize resource utilization for their client applications and provide an improved client-oriented Quality of Service. Contact us at

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