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We specialize in Cloud and Integration specific tools, especially as an Enterprise, Integration and SOA implementation. We specialize in Spring / Java (or) Software AG webMethods as the Core Technology Stack. 
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Configuration Management Software

Configuration Metadata Management for Integrations and Applications

Configs.Cloud is a cloud-enabled, secure and API enabled Configuration Management Solution designed for all integrations and applications alike. Available as both webMethods ESB based and generic Cloud based solution, this software could be used with Integrations or other On Premise or Cloud hosted applications. This is a RDBMS based solution and covers all standard Configuration Management use cases which is one of the mandatory Building Block for any Integration and ESB practice.

 Configuration Metadata Management for Integrations and Applications

Features and Benefits

Auto Versioning / Auditing gives easy access all actions on your configurations in a simple yet powerful - elegant manner. Every change on a configuration adds a new version for a configuration, and every change in audited. Older versions are available for review and comparison at your fingertips.
Query Configurations
Use Simple Query language on REST APIs to query bunch of configurations of your choice. Use these from your platform configuration, application or DevOps processes to retrieve only configurations of interest.
Suitability for Cloud Applications
Keep your cloud codebase equally configurable without storing the configurations in the codebase, making it fully independent of environments, versioning and DevOps complexities. Use to retrieve configurations based on the environment and use as needed.
REST API Based Query / Integration
API Based integration using REST / JSON for integration with applications / Processes / DevOps processes or other Metadata management / CMDB systems. Manage configurations manually on the portal. Query configurations needed for integrations using
REST API Based Query / Integration
API Enabled
Integrate with either your application (or) your platform (or) application build process, DevOps processes, BPM's or any other cloud hosted platforms, using simple REST based APIs.
Credentials management
Store and retrieve credentials as properties securely based on a security algorithm of your choice from multiple security algorithms available. Retrieve passwords over API calls either as encrypted (or) decrypted format based on your requirements.
Credentials management
Easy Management from Console
Full featured management console with features to add / edit / delete and view configurations, perform environment comparisons and correct configs, view config versions. Security managed from a single console for all the environments. Very powerful and increases Operational efficiency.
Easy Management from Console
Configuration Auditing Every change on a configuration adds a new version for a configuration, and every change in audited. This gives complete visibility on all actions around configurations in a simple yet powerful way.

Configuration Auditing
Managing Economy of Scale As the number of configurations in the enterprise increases, across multiple integrations, platforms (or) applications, management of these core configurations gets more complex, especially if they are spread around different configuration files (*.properties, *.cnf. *.xml etc) / databases /mechanisms. Using configs can be arranged in multiple datasets with access control on each of datasets as needed - giving a single dashboard for visibility and management.
Password Storage / Management Passwords are stored securely on disk (and not as clear text passwords on property files), retrieved as needed just as another configuration and encrypted using different available algorithms with custom salt strings. Storage : allows passwords to be stored centrally not spread around multiple configuration files behind multiple security systems / mechanisms. Encryption at Rest: All passwords are Encrypted on disk and the users can retrieve their passwords in a decrypted (or) encrypted format to be decrypted in their own runtime after retrieval. Versioned : All changes to passwords are versioned by default just as any other configuration.
Enhanced visibility gives enhanced visibility to your Operations / Support teams on all the configs under management for multiple environments from a Single Dashboard. Role based access allows users to either edit or view configurations from the management console for all the configurations, or datasets.
Configuration Management Manage configurations for multiple applications / integrations (or) environments in a single view. Simply login and see the datasets that you are interested in, and compare with other environments.

Configuration Management
Environment Aware Manage copies of configurations per environment, compare their values between environments, find out which ones are available and those that are missing across environments. The comparison feature is extremely helpful for managing complex environments.
Config Versioning All configurations are auto-versioned. All changes to configurations are recorded as new versions. Configs can be viewed, or rolled back to previous versions.

Config Versioning



Overview and Concept

A Brief overview of Configs.Cloud and the Use cases this software addresses.


Demo : Interaction using REST APIs

Demo of the REST API Calls. This Demo shows features specific only to the "Free Version". For Demo of the Enterprise version please get in touch with us.


Environment Aware Configurations

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REST APIs to Integrate with your Application

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Export Configurations for Backup purposes or for other reasons

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API Key for Integration with other applications

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Security Configurations for Passwords

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Complete Auditing for all actions

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