CCS offers innovative solutions for the insurance industry and helps their customers compete and remain relevant in a digital and connected world. With their smart mid-office solution (Roundcube) CCS integrates the insurer’s IT landscape (int and ext through API Portal), involving existing applications and data. Roundcube offers core components to orchestrate E2E insurance processes.

Fico/Blaze - webMethods connector

Blaze/webMethods bridge

Roundcube is based on webMethods BPMS suite and Blaze Advisor for the rule engine. Although webMethods has a built in integration with Blaze rules, Roundcube has taken a step further to integrate Blaze complex rules and complex argument processing aligned with the reality of the insurance market. Most insurers have complex data and models to work with, as well as complex rules to determine coverage, premium and so on. With the built-in webMethods integration only simple rules with basic type arguments could be used in the business processes. The Blaze/webMethods bridge is developed especially for more complex rules.
 Blaze/webMethods bridge

Features and Benefits

Make changes faster
With Roundcube's Blaze/webMethods bridge, the business can modify the business rules associated with switches in the BP, making changes faster and reliable without changing the logic.
The core function is the wrapper around the Blaze rule engine to call a deployed rule. Mainly this function provides an automated conversion between IS and Blaze types and configures the rule invocation call.


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Manual BlazeBridge description

webMethods flow rule wrapper

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