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Detego develops and distributes highly innovative software products for the fashion retail industry. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in London/UK, with offices in Graz/Austria. Detego’s software suite that provides real-time analytics and merchandise visibility on item-level, enables fashion retailers a digital transformation without the need to replace their existing technology stack. Bridging the gap between online and offline allows retailers to leverage one of their greatest investment, their brick and mortar stores, transforming them into digital hubs. Providing real-time actionable in-store insights, Detego enables its customers to understand their shoppers’ behaviour and how they move and interact with items inside the stores. Detego brings the same level of analytics and insights into the stores that retailers already have in their web shop. Delivering new store KPIs, such as fitting room conversion rate, abandonment in the fitting room, effectiveness of marketing campaigns etc., Detego enables fashion retailers to optimise processes, campaigns and store activities.

Detego Suite

Digitalization | Omnichannel | Customer Experience

Transforming bricks and mortar stores into successful omni-channel hubs

Detego´s product portfolio supports fashion retailers to realize omni-channel and digital strategies by enabling them to actively manage stores while providing customers with a differentiated, exceptional shopping experience over all channels fuelled by 100 % merchandise availability. Detego's software suite for real-time analytics and merchandise visibility on item-level enables fashion retailers a digital transformation without the need to replace their existing technology stack. The Detego Suite is complimented by managed services, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and flexible pricing models.

Detego Suite 4.1 is comprised of Detego InStore for the oversight of merchandise on the sales floor and in the stockroom, Detego InWarehouse for item level inventory transparency in the central distribution center, and the data analysis product Detego InReports.

Features and Benefits

Increased supply chain efficiency and in-store performance
  • > 99 % Inventory accuracy in all systems
  • 100 % Merchandise availability on the sales floor
  • 2 – 5 % Increase in turnover of NOS and other items
  • 2 % Reduction in write-offs per year
  • 2.5 x More time for customers
Efficient omni-channel retailing
Easy-to-use omni-channel functionalities like e.g. click-and-collect, ship-from-store, return-to-store gives customers a great omni-channel experience. Enables an efficient omni-channel fulfillment by shipping from the store and not from the warehouse.
In-store KPIs bridging online and offline retail
Delivers relevant KPIs for in-store management that closes the gap between offline and online retail.
End-to-end merchandise visibility in real-time
Full inventory visibility in real-time leads to higher sales because only merchandise that is seen can be sold.
Actionable real-time analytics Real-time analytics via practical dashboards that include actionable insights and clear advice enable to make real-time decisions, based on current information and relevant for the future as well as to actively manage the entire store network.
Great customer experience & increased sales
High inventory accuracy – knowing where every article is at any moment in time – and optimized processes reduce the administrational effort and enable the store staff to spend more time with the customer. Having reliable information in real-time, store personnel are able to provide customers up to date information and sell more.
Detego Suite
The modular Detego suite consists of the standard software products:
  • Detego InStore for real-time article transparency in the store and back-store
  • Detego InWarehouse for real-time merchandise visibility at item level in the distribution center
  • Detego InReports for real-time data analytics and actionable insights
The Detego Suite increases supply chain efficiency and in-store performance through inventory accuracy, smarter processes and real-time analysis.
Detego Suite
Detego InStore
  • Article transparency in real-time
  • Eliminate out-of-stock situations
  • Accurate, permanent inventory
  • Actively manage article aging structure
  • Present merchandise according to plan
Detego InStore
Detego InWarehouse
  • Faster receipt of merchandise 
  • Direct cross docking
  • Accurate deliveries
  • Reduce process costs
  • Make article aging structure visible
Detego InReports
  • Dashboards with actionable insights
  • Availability of the new collection on the sales floor
  • Measure replenishment performance
  • Avoid overaged stock
  • Total stock overview of your own stores, franchise stores and concessions
Detego InReports


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