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Customers benefit

from the combined power of Google Cloud and SAP

Now more than ever, SAP customers must take advantage of cloud agility and innovation to adapt to shifting market conditions. Google Cloud is helping SAP enterprises digitally transform their businesses by building robust, flexible and innovative IT systems that will sustain them into the future.

Software AG helps SAP enterprises fully utilize Google Cloud

SAP customers need the right tools and solution to extract and aggregate data from SAP systems into centralized, scalable data warehouses. That’s why Google Cloud has teamed up with Software AG to strengthen its partner ecosystem. Software AG’s offers a robust set of tools and solutions to extract data from SAP systems including ECC, S/4 and BW into Google’s BigQuery as the target data warehouse. 

As SAP customers begin and continue their cloud journeys, Software AG and Google Cloud are committed to being there to simplify and optimize their move and ensure they have ready access to critical cloud-native technologies. 

See how easy it is to get your SAP data into Google Cloud’s BigQuery with Software AG’s!

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